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New practice


Well guys it’s looking good at the new practice.I just phoned explained I’d just registered with them and I’m due my b12 shot next week,no problem at all appointment booked with nurse for interrogation just advised could I wear a mask to appointment.fingers crossed it’s a turnaround and I’ve found a decent doc now,it’s a village practice not a town centre one so I may be lucky as I’ve always felt just another number the city ones are just so huge with very few doctors in my experience.

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Fantastic Thrones. What a difference. I hope you have recovered from your virus.


Thrones in reply to Narwhal10

Hi Narwhal10 yes I’m good thank you no more standing at football matches in the rain for me lol.

Hope you are well and enjoying our mild weather,I’m loving having the outdoor space now makes such a difference to me and I’m walking more now as no broken paving stones to negotiate.x

Oh that's good. What frequency will they give you?

Thrones in reply to Nackapan

No idea Nackapan I’ll try having a chat with the nurse when I’m there and see if she’s had much experience with p.a if not I’ll stick with the three monthly at surgery and continue with my self injecting at home ,I’m not up for more battles as long as it’s on my records I have p.a and I’m getting some kind of treatment from nhs that’s good enough for me just now I’ve too much other stuff going on so it’s one battle at a time for me.X

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

Oh definitely. Good it's on your records you need it!

Hope it's a good practice. Clean slate !

Thrones in reply to Nackapan

Me too I’m so tired and weary of battling constantly I think I’d die of shock if I actually managed to get a gp on side,the thing that angers and frustrates me is everytime I pay private I get a confirmed diagnosis but I’m not medically qualified so I have to then second guess what else is going on then get blood tests done private or scans which then confirm what I’m guessing at,I’m just tired of it but have no choice but to continue .im lucky that I can at least validate my illnesses to any gp that questions the “ in your head regime” but lots of people aren’t so fortunate,i print copy and keep every test result so that nothing mysteriously disappears from my records.x

Nackapan in reply to Thrones

Yrs. I've learnt that one

CherylclaireForum Support

Very good to hear. Sound thinking too - get to know them first, see how it goes.

Hope you have found a good one.

Thrones in reply to Cherylclaire

Hi Cheryl.yesterday I got a call from the private hospital radiology lady to rebook my ct kidney scan ,I was really worried about it because of the contrast and had been putting off calling them so I thought right I’m going to tell her I’m not keen having it as I have p.a and so many allergies I’m scared of it,she said no problem at all I’ve noted on your records you suffer from allergies and won’t be having any contrast don’t worry.i could have kissed her why can’t everyone be so receptive and caring,.

Hope I get a good nurse on Monday for b12 and hopefully a great gp ,it’s a lady gp this time so fingers crossed.x

Narwhal10 in reply to Thrones

That’s great news about the contrast. Very wise to get copies of everything and choosing your battles!!

CherylclaireForum Support in reply to Thrones

Already crossed for you - although I've got a good feeling about it.

I've been waiting for blood results for over 2 weeks - GP not received them from local hospital yet. Just the usual checks - ferritin, folate, thyroid, etc. - to see where they are sitting. No rush.

Imagine labs are busy again, unfortunately.

Thrones in reply to Cherylclaire

That’s good Cheryl it’ll give you that baseline again so you can keep an eye on it best of luck xx


That’s great news Thrones. Good luck x

Thrones in reply to Foggyme

Thank you Foggyme I’ve not half had a lot of changes this least few months and I so treasure my place on this forum with all the nice friends Ive made and the so much appreciated advice and support I frequently get,it makes me feel contented inside so thank you all xx

FoggymeAdministrator in reply to Thrones

Ah...contentment...that’s lovely Thrones.

So pleased that you enjoy being here and that our lovely members have made a difference for you xx

Oh well done Thrones. 😀 Hope you have a great consultation on Monday. Fingers cossed.....and toes! Xx

Great news so far!

Good Luck Thrones

Great news, I hope this move and the extra safe walking, more outdoor space and a more understanding doctor will bring about a healthier happier you with no more battles.

Fingers crossed for you Thrones 👍

Thank you Ritchie hows the auto injecting going ? I’m having another one of my famous rethinks lol.eventhough I’d been injecting regular and yes a lot of my symptoms eased up or mostly disappeared I’d say,the main thing still bugging me has been the burning feet and broken sleep.last night I was moaning about this again and suddenly thought hang on, the blood tests came back I was prediabetic so I wonder what the actual symptoms of this are so had a google and it quite plainly pointed to burning feet tingling in feet and hands and disturbed sleep patterns amongst other things,I couldn’t get my head around well I’m being good and injecting regular now even though I still hate doing it but feet still on fire most days.I was supposed to watch my diet and lose some weight when professor spoke to me about the diabetis but to be honest after losing some weight initially I lost interest,sounds bad I know ,I was so wrapped up in house move and being able to get out and about again trying the new pubs and restaurants I lost my focus and miss piggy crept back in lol.I’m back on the straight and narrow today no more pigging and be mindful of my diet and monitor the burning feet and poor sleep quality,I was doing so good with my new quilt I thought but Its obviously it’s been the diet choices effecting my sleep pattern.

Just ignore this if it bores you It just helps me to get this out my head and on paper lol

Take care Ritchie x

CherylclaireForum Support

Trying the new pubs and restaurants could also be excused as supporting your local community and saving providers from closure - so now you've done your bit, you can get back on track with your diet !

Wishing you well, Thrones.

Thrones in reply to Cherylclaire

Lol your brilliant Cheryl thank you xx

So pleased for takes a lot of stress away xx

You're very lucky!

I have to phone on the day starting at 8:30am for even the simplest of appointments or procedures.

Getting a line can take up to 20 minutes and I've counted 120 redials before getting past the engaged tone.

Then I have to listen to a sychopantic practice manager who loves the sound of his own voice thanking everybody in the world over and over again, so much so it's sounds more like an Oscar speech.

Finally I find out I'm something like 10th in the queue, so I have another god knows how long to wait, whilst still listening to the practice manager and his mantra.

I have to do this every time I want to speak to someone.

I hate being ill.

Thrones in reply to Barneyboy48

My previous gp ive never even met Barneyboy I couldn’t get past reception the only way I could get a response was by paying a private consultant to write to the gp with my private test results and try and kick his ass into a bit of movement from behind his Covid safe doors so yes I’m lucky in that I’ve moved and I’m lucky in that I’ve managed to find a nice country practice who booked me in wth the nurse for my injection,wether I have any luck with the new gp remains to be seen so fingers crossed eh? X

Update. Well it went ok today nurse was nurse was pleasant enough,said her mother was on b12 injections as tablets didn’t help I said well they wouldn’t if she has p.a as we have no intrinsic factor ,she said I was the only patient who’d ever mentioned intrinsic factor so I knew more than she did and she’d been injecting patients for twenty years.

I didn’t feel she was very approachable so I never mentioned I self injected every other day,I feel it’s early days at a new practice to be jumping in feet first .

I do not hold out a lot of hope now I told her I had to go and pay to have a private c,t scan on my kidneys tomorrow as previous gp would not respond to consultants requests to have it done via nhs,she said oh our doctors can’t refer you for scans either it has to be done via a consultant,chasing my tail again!

This then means that regardless of what my consultant asks them to do ,because he’s private,it won’t get done on nhs by the looks of it.

Once I get this kidney scan done and get results I’m going to pester them for a referral to guys on the nhs,they are the kidney gurus apparently.x

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