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Dismissive gp


im shocked how dismissive the gp has just been telling me my levels arnt that low (135) b12

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Your B12 levels aren’t low , and you need treatment .Up to 80% of that level could be inactive B12 , which your body cannot use.

beca74 in reply to wedgewood

Ok ty

wedgewood in reply to beca74

I’m sorry I meant to write that your 12 levels ARE low . Don’t know how that happened . Sorry !

Narwhal10 in reply to wedgewood

Typos are so easily done. 🙊

beca74 in reply to wedgewood

Lol 😆 easily done

Nackapan in reply to beca74

Have you got the print of your blood results. ?

It will clearly state 'out of range' How can your GP dispute a lab. result. ?

Assuming it is a serum b12 blood test.

beca74 in reply to Nackapan

yes it states its low the nurse that did my jab today said it was quite low

Showgem in reply to Nackapan

In Somerset the range starts at 120 so he would not be out of range here even though it is really low and of course he should receive treatment!

Nackapan in reply to Showgem

Yes it depends on what measurement. But she said it was out of range on the blood results the nurse saw??

Thars why it's so important to see the results isnt it.

beca74 in reply to Nackapan

its 135 the range is (180_900)

Nackapan in reply to beca74

Same range used I had pg/ml. I expect. Not sure what tour Gp is struggling with. Well out of range.

Mind you when mine was done same range and it was 106pg/ml I wasnt contacted. No hurry to start b12 injections. I had to ring and ask. Them make an appointment then they started the following g week. Disgusting when I think of time lost .Also first ever b12 done at 57yrs old!!so many missed opportunities .

Then just told injections for life and that was it. Scary time as so ill.

beca74 in reply to Nackapan

yes it is

Interact in reply to beca74

Low B12 is a very personal thing! I have been written off by my GP for any B12 injections even though just above 'normal' but have so many symptoms. My issue has been caused by not being able to absorb nutrients due to previous GI problems. In sheer desparation I am now having B12 injections privately (high cost!) and then going to self inject.

That’s so unhelpful. We are all here for you. X

beca74 in reply to Narwhal10


Without the units and range it's impossible to say if it's low or not,

In Hull the normal range is 115-1000 pmol/L, with an intermediate range of 115-150 pmol/L. So you would be classified as 'potentially deficient'.

At my local hospital the normal range is 180-2000 ng/L so you would be low.

beca74 in reply to fbirder

180 -900

This infuriates me! I'd love him to spend a day or two with a b12 of 135 and see how he feels about it then. Wrong on so many levels.....surely a good GP would be listening to the patient's clinical experience and acting accordingly, not spouting off judgements about something he is lucky enough to never have experienced and can't possibly know about.

beca74 in reply to TFH1

ty for your support

Colb53 in reply to TFH1

A doctor at my practice told me my B12 level was just ‘normal for me’ and the same as being a certain height 😮

Interact in reply to TFH1

Mine too! I think they have a mark on my medical records as being a nuisance as each of the different GP's at my surgery almost shout at me when I mention B12 being an issue. I came away from my last appointment in tears as they didn't even acknowledge my latest symptoms of pain and tingling in feet, ankles, legs which is quite debilitating! I am now thinking of complaining to Public Health England but concerned about the backlash I might receive!

What a difference in a different gp

Im having b12 injections for at least 6 months and shes prescribed neurological pain relief and if my symptoms dont improve she will refer me to a consultant

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