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Has anyone purchased the powder for of B12 from Oxford Bio Sciences?? If so , how was the experience, comparisons to pre bought vials from Germany.

Thanks in advance.

Ive just read other posts about this , i think i know what to do.

Im so confused about how much i need, what i need , and if anything truly works. Ive had pa and thyroid issues for 15yrs, still i dont know. Thyroid , pa, menopause all throw up the same symptoms. Bloods are never correct, be it normal anemia, thyroid, or pa., I wish i knew if the injections be it hydroxo injected sub cut or intra really work as i feel shite ALL the time.

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Oxford bio sciences provide B12 in powdered form so you would also need to source saline and combine it with the saline.

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Thank you.

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I used it once , but I wasn’t happy with using it .Also you have to supply your own saline ( only obtainable on prescription !) Bodfeld Apotheke.de supply it. Then I got ampoules from Arnika in Munich Germany. Then they had an agent in the UK to sell them at a high cost And if I’m honest , I found Methylcobalamin no better than Hydroxocobalamin, which is cheaper , easier to store and much easier to obtain . I only used it because I was a bit desperate at the time ,because I had some symptoms that were persisting . They made no difference at all . I’ve stuck with Hydroxocobalamin ever since , and I find them great .

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. Mainly for the dangers of contamination and partly because of the problems with formulation.

Making it up yourself means it’s going to be very difficult to ensure there’s no bacterial contamination. And bacteria that get into the solution will be able to grow - then you’re going to inject them into yourself.

Then there’s the formulation problem. The B12 ampoules you buy aren’t just in saline. They have buffers present to maintain the correct balance between acidity and alkalinity. This helps maximise the stability. Without it the B12 will go off faster.

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morna666...I agree with fbirder.

When I was first diagnosed I purchased methylcobalamin from Oxford Bio Sciences and never used if, for exactly the reason fbirder describes.

It's always better to purchased B12 in single dose ampoules...much safer and avoids the potential for contamination.

Incidentally, multi-dose vials can also be an issue. These have to be discarded 28 days after the first dose of B12 has been withdrawn, for the same reasons as above - potential contamination - and not all suppliers state that.


Honestly , if I were you , I would buy a bulk order of Hydroxocobalamin ampoules 10 x 10 pack , from one of the German online pharmacies which would cost about £60 with courier ( courier charges are the same whether you buy 1 pack or 10 ) I would inject every other day until you feel no further improvement. Then ,lower dosage to keep symptoms at bay .You cannot overdose on B12 . Remember to supplement with folic acid . as well . Best wishes .

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