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Vertigo symptoms - neuro symptoms / appt


I had been diagnosed with B12D at start of 2918, with subsequent neuro symptoms, and now SInevery 2/3 wks. I have experienced difficulty walking with horrid attacks of vertigo, as though hit on back of head with cricket bat! Have seen Haematologist, endocro consultant, too, who said neuro symptoms, and referred me onto neuro. I have had further episode of dizziness and want to be best prepared for neuro appt next week. Think my nervous system cranky. Any suggestions of why this is happening? Has anyone experienced? I have cut done drastically mobile phones, iPad time etc, to reduce EMF, as looking at all ways Health could be imbalanced. Plus think I have a repeat of shingles which happens when low. Any clues?

Cheers. Thanks to all support / info during 2018. For now, dreaming of Happy and Healthy 2019!

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My symptoms started with a collapse and vertigo. Then? A month later had a blood test that showed 106 b12. I found vestibular pysio exercises after the Epley manouvre removed the vertigo. I'd never had it before. My symptoms got alot worse before better after loading g doses. 6 weeks later now and ivery started every other day Injections again after advice on here. It wasn't easy to get. I'm now waiting for further improvements. I'm walking okay but very weak. Still got a buzzy head. (Last symptim) body went like lead again after injection yesterday. Still waiting for vision and light sensitivity to resolve.

Neuro may suggest a brain scan? When i went I was staggering . Alot of improvements can happen. I would get uo to date bloods so you know what time take. Just suggestions . The vestibular exercises are simple and called Cawthorne. I still do them to make sure!! Some can be done in bed

I wish you well

JillMaryC in reply to Nackapan

Thank you. Yes tried that manouvre previously. Had no affect. On reflection..Think it is ataxia rather than vertigo. But will keep in mind still. Helpful thought re blood tests etc. Much appreciated advice. Hope 2019 brings good health.

JGBH in reply to Nackapan

Indeed I too found the Cawthorne vestibular exercices very helpful and easy, just need to be disciplined to do those every day.

It's not EMF.

There are many, many possible causes of your neurological symptoms. It's not really possible to say if they are B12 related or not. The neurologist will be able to give much better advice than anybody here.

When I was first diagnosed with pernicious anaemia I was convinced I had a brain tumour or MS. My walking and feeling like the ground was moving and I could faint was terrible, and so hard to explain. Anyway, through time that has completely gone. I am sure that initially my doctor didn't understand and thought I was a bit crazy lol! It is the worst feeling ever, hope you get the help you need and it sorts itself our JillMary x

Thank you so's to all being well! Happy & Healthy 2019.

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