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Here I Go Again- Gastrin Levels


Here I Go Again!

Went to my GI Dr and he is concerned about my Gastrin level. Fasting gastrin serum 301 (>=100). I mentioned to him that with PA you usually have an abnormal gastrin level. He now has me getting an MRI. I recently had an endoscopy/colonoscopy & CT scan. Came back clear.

Is it correct to say with PA you can have high gastrin levels? Also, does anyone in the US know of a good GI Dr in the Philadelphia/NY area ? Hope I am ok to ask that.

Thanks to all the admin members on here for keeping me sane. You have helped me out so much! I am so appreciative.

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runnergirl24 - suggest you put US in the title if you want to attract the attention of US members of the forum.

Yes, PA is associated with higher gastrin levels. One potential consequence is NETS, if I understand correctly.

fbirder may be able to help more on gastrin and NETS

Yes, someone did mention that on here before about NETS. I was wondering if you can have high gastrin levels but NETS were not found when you have PA?

fbirder in reply to runnergirl24

Most people with PA will have high gastrin levels, but only a very small number will go on to develop NETs.

Send your doc a copy of this paper - - where development of NETs is described as a consequence of a lack of stomach acid (achlorhydria) caused by gastric atrophy. And the underlying cause of Pernicious Anaemia is autoimmune metaplastic gastric atrophy.

runnergirl24 in reply to fbirder

Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated.

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