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Hi , as I have posted previously I have been managing very well on my three monthly jabs and have been feeling my normal self 90% of the time . Three weeks ago I had my jab but then developed a heavy cold . Cold has mostly gone now but I’m feeling pretty rubbish. Just wondered if maybe my folate levels could have dropped as after a blood test in May where I discovered it had gone up to 16 I stopped taking my 400 ug supplements and just take my multi vitamin which has 200 in . Was previously taking both . Just wondered if this could making the difference ? Any idea gratefully received.

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200 mcg a day is the recommended dose for adults who aren't likely to be getting pregnant. So it's unlikely you are deficient.

Av42 in reply to fbirder

Ok thanks . Maybe my cold is affecting me still .

If you are OK on 3 monthly jabs then you could well be OK without extra, especially if you have plenty of folate from your diet, but it won't hurt to try one tablet a day or every other day for 2 or 3 weeks. If you feel better with it and worse if you cut it out again you can be fairly sure that you will benefit from a low level of supplementation.

If you establish that it does make a difference, you could experiment with how often suits you best. We are all different and maybe once every say 3 days, or 5 or once a week would be best for you.

Bear in mind that your levels may have dropped and you might need a higher level to start with to get back on track but once you have got your levels up you can space out your dose more, just to maintain things.

Whatever form of Folate is in your multi and what form was the 400 ug? That can make a difference.

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