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BPPV/Vertigo & B12 or vit D deficiency/anaemia?


Hi guys,

If anybody saw my pretty extensive first post, you'll know I'm fairly new to all of this.

So.. my most recent question is: is vertigo an unfortunate side-effect of B12/vit D deficiency and anaemia?

My symptoms seem to be coming thick and fast in recent weeks and months. The latest of which came on Friday morning; I woke up, sat up and turned my feet off the bed and suddenly the whole room was spinning. It lasted about 3 seconds but my head has felt really off ever since.

It's worst when I'm in bed and noticed it when I was turned over a few times during the night. This appears to be BPPV, from what I've read but not sure why it'd come on quite so suddenly.

Any thoughts or similar experiences that anyone has had?

Thanks, DT

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Have you tried the epley maneuver? If not go to YouTube and check it out. I did it myself prior to going to get checked for BPPV and it t didn’t do anything so I knew I didn’t have it. When I got checked out by a physio for it and de they concurred I did not have it. Just something to ponder.

Vertigo in general is not really associated with a B12 deficiency, and I cannot think how it might cause BPPV.

A B12 deficiency can cause dizziness, because of balance problems caused by peripheral neuropathy. But that it quite different from vertigo (where the room spins around).

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