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IF Blocking Antibody Test Cost?

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Hi Everyone! Haven’t posted much but am so pleased with all the info I read here. Sadly, I now join the countless others being dismissed by the medical profession in getting help for B12 def, etc. Finally got my (new) Dr. to let me test for Intrinsic Factor and will do that soon. Does anyone know what this might cost? I have a feeling my insurance won’t cover it and I’ve had all the attitude I can handle from the Dr.! I’m in the US, by the way.


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I don't know about in the U.S. but in the UK the test costs around £69 privately, if that helps.

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Thank you. I believe thats under $100 US dollars. That’s very helpful.

Wishing you good health!

Im in the US too, i need to fund that out as well

I am in the U.S. (Texas) as well. I I had the IF test done at my GP's office and my insurance covered all but my office visit copay. I have been diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia. I've been dealing with it for about 3 years now. I have quarterly blood work done as well and have had no problems with insurance paying for what I have to have done. I am insured with Humana now, but when I started down this rabbit hole I was with United Health.

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Thank you for the information. I am with Harvard Pilgrim; an insurance company that exists for the sole purpose of denying medical claims! I’m having this test done this wk and wanted to prepare myself for the cost. We pay for it one way or the other, right?

Hope you are feeling better now

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