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Active B12 Test


Good morning,

I have a really quick question which I wondered if someone could help me with?

I had the first 6 injections 3 months ago and I am due my next one. I went to the doctors this week as I feel more tired and down than I did when I started. She says I am depressed but I honestly think its more than that. So before my injection next Thursday I considered paying for an Active B12 test. My question is - is there any point in doing this? Will I get an accurate answer or will the previous injections affect the level? I don't really understand what Active B12 actually means.



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3 months is the minimum for waiting for testing. It may show low levels but it may not.

Both serum B12 and active B12 are measures of what is happening in your blood - not what is happening at the cell level and after loading shots the relationship between serum B12 levels and deficiency at the cell level can be totally skewed in a significant number of people ... and the same will be true of active B12.

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