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Pins and Needles?


A couple weeks ago I started exercising more regularly. After about three days, my legs mostly my calves would start to tingle or get pins and needles and I would feel like I need to go on a run. It’s gotten worse since then and I have been having to go on a long jog at least once a day. Does this sometimes happen when you start a new exercise regimen? What can I do to stop it?

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I’m a personal trainer but in my experience I haven’t had any clients (none of whom have PA) say that they’ve had tingling/pins and needles that make them have to go on a long jog.

Exercise depletes B12 so do you think the tingling/pins and needles might be a symptom of B12d? Having said that, if my B12 is low I certainly wouldn’t be feeling like a long jog as it leaves me feeling exhausted!

As the symptoms started with your new exercise regime maybe you need to scale that down a bit.

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