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Does PA occur more frequently in the British Isles?


I recently did a DNA test and found out that I am 57% British and 19% Irish, Scottish and Wales, 17% Scandinavian, 3% European Jewish,... I live in the US. My maiden name is "Coffey." I have PA (autoimmune) which began at age 58. Since the PA society is in great Britain, I am wondering if PA is a more common disease of the British? I seem to had read that it was more common in Northern Europeans somewhere? Any insight?

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Hi xyz011 I'm not sure whether you can open (or even make sense of) the below but have a go.

Sadly it is quite possible that the Pernicious Anaemia Society was started in the U.K. because of a lack of knowledge about the disease among the medical profession over here.

You may be interested in viewing the Sally Pacholock video which tell the story of her personal struggle to get the U.S. medicos to recognise the dangers of P.A./B12 Deficiency

I am not a medically trained person but have had P.A. for 46 years for most of which I lived in total ignorance of what it was all about.

I wish you well.

xyz011 in reply to clivealive

I saw the movie! Wonderful! I have her book as well and share the risk factors with anyone who as any similar symptoms!


You might find the following link useful/interesting showing the statistics by country for Pernicious Anemia.

xyz011 in reply to Hidden

Interesting, thanks.


Not aware of anything that says it is more common in GB - it is more common among caucasian populations

looking at the section called 'finally' on this page


the PAs says that its difficult to know what is going on in terms of incidence because whilst it is possible to estimate the world wide incidence of B12 deficiency (10%) knowing what the underlying causes are is more difficult.

The PAS is located in the UK because it was founded in the UK - there are similar organisations in other countries and the PAS seeks to work with them in achieving its aims.

xyz011 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you. The members and administrators of this site are awesome!

I've also read that PA/B12 def. is more prevalent in fair haired, blue eyed people of Northern European descent and the subject has fascinated me since I discovered I have Dupuyens or Vikings Disease, which is thought to be connected to PA. Many of my relatives had red hair and blue eyes.

The Vikings were masters of the sea and shipbuilding for centuries so I suppose it was inevitable their blood and culture spread and became mixed into many nations of the world.

xyz011 in reply to Polaris

Interesting. Could of come from my 17% Scandinavian! Perhaps, I have dark hair and brown eye though! LOL! Thanks!

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