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MMA advice please

After being diagnosed this time last year, loading doses done and now on three monthly injections. I had an MMA test in November around 5-6 weeks after a injection. At the time it didn't cross my mind that the jab could affect the outcome (I had stopped all extra supplementation). The thing is I'm due to see the haematologist on the 4th Jan for the results. I still haven't supplemented since my last jab in September so I'm feeling pretty rough. All initial symptoms have returned as up until Sept I was taking 2000ug B12 a day to top up. My three monthly injection is due now but I don't know whether to put it off until after I've seen the haematologist in the remote chance that the MMA test could be repeated. Any advice would be most welcome! I'm not sure of the cost of the MMA test on the NHS so unsure if the haematologist would sanction a repeat test.


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generally its recommended that MMA will be affected on the same time-scales as serum B12 which would mean refraining for 6 months+ so sounds as if you would be within this window - however, that's really related to an original diagnosis rather than checking if you have a functional B12 deficiency.

It really is going to depend on how knowledgeable the haemo actually is. I suspect that if they are knowledgeable then they are going to respond to the return in symptoms and realise that test results won't provide the full picture. There is also no guarantee that the second test would come back with raised MMA anyway.

Can't really advise you but personally I think I'd be inclined to have the B12 jab as the key factor is really how knowledgeable the haemo is and not what your test results are.

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