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What things to avoid?

Through basic internet searches and the book "could it be b12?" (Awesome present for xmas along with 1 year supply of jabs) ive found as a PA sufferer i should avoid caffine, niterous oxide / whippets (for balloons or dentists i think) and alcohol (no more 3 day hangovers)

But i was wondering if there are any other food,drink medicine and so on one should avoid ? I had a chest CT scan yesterday (yay all clear no problems, beside very mild damage to walls of lung, paris doctors think all my issues are definitley due to PA, which does mean they have to do more checks everywere else to see what damage UK doctor neglegence has done) alot of symptoms have returned since the CT scan so i wondered if the CT dye with cyianide traces -i think- etc could have effected things or if a CT after effects can just be similar to PA?

Next injection of b12 is tomorrow (ive been around ten days plus without it after loading jabs (started feeling symptoms maybe 6 days without) then one christmas eve, i tremord and twitched alot and wound up only managing about half before the needle went flying xD as did it myself) so hopefully this next one done by nurse will put me back on track :)

my return of some sympotms as slight and minor as they were after CT scan did get me thinking of what to avoid or be aware of so... anyone found certain foods medicines and so on effect b12 functionality?

Im quite foggy so i may not have my facts strait...but the basics are there :)

merry christmas to all! Happy Holidays ! Happy everything to all of you amd i hope your time is as symptom free as possible :)

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people are individuals and its difficult to know that what worked for one person will work for another when it comes to B12. To me it sounds as if you probably need injections every 6 days if that is when the symptoms come back

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Thanks, much appreciated :) i was thinking maybe the scan dye did something to the b12 with how horrid i felt afterward but supprise supprise injection today and im back :)


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