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B12 and folate blood test

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Just got results today for the test. B12 is 202 and folate 5.8. Been told they are normal. I went to Dr with tingling in my legs and a feeling of someone gripping my ankles.

I saw a Dr two years ago with chest rash and told her I had burning legs which I did have at the time . She just gave me cream and said legs probably a nerve thing !!!!!

Should I be worried

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We need to know the units (ng/L pmol/L etc.) and the 'normal' range.

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Sorry was not sure, 1st time post.

B12 202 range191-663U pg/mL

Folate 5.8 range 3.9-26.8U ng/mL

It says advise patient normal (LG)

Many thanks

Hi Sheenaro, Certainly sounds like nerve damage despite being just inside range and you should be given b12 injections every other day until no further improvement. Getting a GP to do so while in range is difficult. I had to go privately September 2016 to get weekly injections, I had symptoms of burning, ice cold, pins and needles and a feeling of feet and toes being filled with cotton wool, tight banding like elastic bands being pulled tightly round ankles, and many other symptoms which I had for a number of years and not picked up. My level was 166. I have been having two injections weekly since last September, one at surgery one self inject still have symptoms although some symptoms have eased the banding and other symptoms in feet remain and now feel like I am wearing socks also. Do not wait, go back to your doctor and insist on being treated properly. Lots of links from very experienced people on this site regarding protocol and treatment for nerve damage. I think the longer you have symptoms the longer it takes to resolve and heal nerves. The consultant I saw said it takes several years, but you really need b12 injections to start this process. Also although your folate is in range it needs to be higher once you start injections to work with b12 so eating lots of leafy green vegetables is important. I hope you get some help soon. Kind regards.

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Sheenaro in reply to potter5

Hello potter5

Many thanks for your reply. I have made an appointment with the doctor to discuss this but it's not until early Dec.

My iron levels are being checked as well, to get another ferritin test in January.

My legs are on fire right now writing this so hopefully get something done. It's good to know about this site as feel quite alone on this matter

Thanks again

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