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Active b12 test


Has anyone had the finger prick active b12 test? I wasn't sure if the best one to get was the one at St Thomas's as this isn't a finger prick one and also they go on to do mma if results are abnormal. Does anyone have any experience of these private active b12 tests or information on if the fingerprick one is any less accurate?



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Hi Cathy

Yes I had a private B12 test at St. Thomas's. They do it as a normal blood test not a finger prick and also test MMA at the same time. I was convinced my results would show that my active B12 was low but in fact the complete opposite was the case and my levels were more than the upper range that the test covers, so now I am really confused as I have all the symptoms of B12 deficiency but seem to have more than I need.

The only thing I would say to you is be prepared for a long wait to get the results. Mine took over 2 weeks and in the end I got them by email after numerous telephone calls as I was getting anxious. The actual letter with the results took 4 weeks to arrive!

Having said all that I do think it is worth having it as you will get a definitive result of what your B12 level really is.

Good luck


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