Have any of you that are of working age quite your job / changed jobs due to PA. I am 50 have a high stress finance job and have been considering quitting to focus on my health. I also have Hashimoto's. So between hashi's, PA and job stress I am not able to get where I would like to be health wise. And the world around me doesn't seem to get it. How I don't have the energy that my life is demanding of me.

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  • Are your having enough B12.injections and eating / supplementing plenty of folate/folic acid ? Tell us a little more about the treatment you are getting for your PA .

  • Yes Wedgwood my folate is actually high. Not sure what that means or why. I put a little information in my response to gambit62. Thanks for your response.

  • Hi Cwilli, I was CEO of a small charity and practiced as a psychotherapist. My undiagnosed B12 deficiency and it's associated symptoms led to me being unable to function, which led to me having to choose to stop practicing and ultimately led to the charity closing. BUT, I had the good fortune to come across this forum and the amazing advice and knowledge offered here and it has literally changed my life 😊!

    It did at times feel as though the world didn't get it, but mainly because I didn't, feeling I was in this awful sinking sand.. Unfortunately I've had intractable GP's who are unable or unwilling to even read the relevant information and books I've offered, so I've had to take my health needs into my own hands..

    You'll get some amazing advice here, especially from the very knowledgeable admin people.

  • Thank you Baggy8.

    I do love this site and so thankful for it However just not a whole lot of spare time to research and dig around in it.

  • I was in a bad way after starting treatment for B12 deficiency and was thinking of dropping my hours - my worst symptoms were depression and anxiety which got a lot worse after loading doses. It wasn't until I gave up on the idea of getting B12 treatment I needed from the NHS and started treating myself that things really started to improve - I am at the very high end of frequency with which I need to top up doses.

    It may be worth experimenting with B12 supplements or resorting to self injection to see if that improves things though you obviously have other health conditions which makes life more complicated so it may not be the B12 that is causing all the problems.

  • Thanks for your response Gambit62.

    I do self injections of methylcobalamin 1000MCG/ML SUBQ (into fat not deep tissue) every other week. This for about 4 months now. Labs show b12 now high. Iron and D were also low, supplements now and all seem better according to labs but if I miss or skip supplements iron drops again. On thyroid meds (was diagnosed in October) and try to eat Whole Foods less junck and am gluten and dairy free for the Hashimoto's. I do feel better than before I got diagnosed and started supplements. But... I just feel like I need to let go and let my body really rest and heal. I am tired. I struggle with anxiety- it is not horrible (unless I am traveling) and I manage it with prayer focusing on the Lord and relaxing practices. Although I hate to admit it I do feel an overall lack of joy and some days depression where all just seem like too much effort. But I know life is good and I have so many blessings to be thankful for.

    Of course the flip side of wanting to take my hand off the plow is I still need to pay bills. 😳

  • understand on paying the bills.

    have you tried other forms of cobalamin - methyl does nothing for me when it comes to mood?

    I tend to do most of my supplementation in the form of nasal sprays - not as efficient as jabs but it is enough to keep my levels where they need to be - I so use some adenosyl sublinguals. - so using about 2.5mg nasal (methyl +5mg adenosyl sublingual and then will also supplement by injecting 1mg of hydroxo/cyano on days that I am expecting to be quite stressfull - so as I say at the high end of things.

  • Yes I was a solicitor and quit my job as I could no longer cope with the demands. I then suffered a very severe depression and eventually I was diagnosed with P A. I have had psychotherapy throughout this period and continue to have this support. I am now able to work part time. It has taken 10 years though for me to get to this point.

  • Jrdj thank you. I am glad you are feeling better these days! Good to know that things can improve. Which I do know as I am better now than I was back in December before PA diagnosis. Have a good day.

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