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Frequency of B12 injections

Hi, I am new to this site and have found it very helpful. Three years ago after 3 weeks of blood tests I was diagnosed B12 deficiency and needed injections (initially 12 from then every 3 months). I am always very tired, concentration level low long before my due injection. I winter in South Africa and out there they give monthly injections, which I was told I needed and I felt absolutely great, on return I went for injection after two months as I was already feeling awful but was told I would have to have blood test, it came back at 240 and was told this is not low enough for earlier injections, I have to have one after 12 weeks before I can discuss more frequent injections. This test is due in two weeks time. In the meantime I feel exhausted. Can't wait to get back to South Africa 🇿🇦 they told me you cannot overdose as any excess is passed in the urine. Think I'll have a fight on my hands with my doctor, if I can get pass the Practice Nurse!

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Yes I'm afraid you will have a fight on your hands ! That's right you cannot overdose . I was only allowed one injection every 3months . I had been diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia- I had to go to a private GP for that, as my exhaustion , giddiness ,confusion and numb feet were ideopathic according to my GP (no known cause In spite of having low B12 of 150 thingies) . So then my GP was obliged to give me loading doses , but would only allow 3 monthly injections which were insufficient to keep symptoms at bay. So now self -inject to keep well . I also supply a neighbour at the same surgery with B12 ampoules . But she will not tell her GP that she self -injects. I did so I'm treated with scorn . So many PA patients self-inject but don't tell their GP , who then think that 3 monthly is OK. You obviously need more regular injections , but your reading will be higher than the cut off because of the injections you get .But 240 is on the low side anyhow . But it's obviously not getting through to your cells . Once you start injections the blood test are useless . The symptoms you have should be the real test . You won't find much understanding in the UK for B12 deficiency. There is the odd GP with some knowledge , but it's rare . Best option is S.I. Unless you have the strength for a bitter fight , which many patients with B12 just do not have . You are just too exhausted . Best wishes .


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