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Blood loss

I have been a nymic for 7 years had camara top and bottom went to hospital to have polops removed 2 years ago now had results from the test kitt to say they think I have minute traces of blood in my poo again but the camara tests say the could not find anything how come I am still losing blood then is their a better test to trace this blood loss I have mild copd asthma and hiatus hernia male 60 years old never smoked kept fitt and active

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Although the title of this forum has the word anaemia in it Pernicious Anaemia is actually a misnomer and it is in fact about a condition that causes a particular vitamin deficiency - B12. One of the symptoms of B12 deficiency is a particular type of anaemia in which red blood cells are larger and rounder than normal.

Unfortunately this forum is probably not the best place for your question and I'm not sure what forum might be better able to help. You could try searching under my communities for other forums that might be better positioned to respond.


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