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Hi I'm needing advice again . I'm exhausted and cannot concentrate at all . I feel floaty and not with it and have to keep reminding myself of what I'm doing I aching muscles and find it so hard to even get up stairs . My main concern is my low mood . I know before anyone asks I was doing fine on weekly injections until doctor stopped when my levels went up to 2000 from 200 in 4 weeks but these stopped in April. I suspect my levels have dropped considerably since then . She will not listen to me re my symptoms and I'm feeling hopeless . I received info re self injections and will proceed with this shortly . At the min I am taking 2) 500 Mcg a day of b12 is this enough and also do I need to take folic acid I have a cheap brand in the house can I go ahead and take . It is valuepack folic acid . Will this help my low mood ?

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Sorry to read your mood dropping so low. If you are in pain and exhausted all the time it is hardly surprising , it must be tough.

I'm new to the site so unsure of your diagnosis etc, but,I reckon you already had thyroid etc well checked out.

I do believe pain can lower your mood significantly as it eats into your energy reserve, an energy reserve you probably didn't have to begin with.

Has your gp referred or suggested health psychology . If available with talking therapy, mindfulness and possibly unexplored strategies it can sometimes just make that little difference to get you through the darker time.

It may take someone more expert to explain your higher readings, I was under impression you can't OD on B12.

Hope you get it under control, my GP will only do 12 weekly jags re... NICE. Guidelines and told me " it's all in your head" psychosomatic , totally imagined. And she didn't say it nicely!!!!

First self jag today.

Take care

Oh my how did it go . I've been given all the details just scared I suppose but I know that I have never felt better when I was on the weekly injections and when moved to 3 monthly my levels just drop off the scale . I am done fighting with them . My great aunt died from this and I am going to do everything to fight for my health x

Injecting was a dawdle. Starting with another loading dose . Alternate days for 3 weeks then supplement NHS spreading it to monthly injections. Fingers crossed.

The bit that made me anxious was feeling rebellious and defying GP!!!!

I am of an age that still kinda has them on pedestal. Heh ho, silly. They are Human and sometimes wrong!!!!

I tried oral, some very expensive supplements , but only stuff I suspect may work would be nasal spray, dunno if anyone tried that.

Is there a brand that works best and I will try them at a higher dose x

Ok thank you I am on holland & Barrett b12 500 twice a day . But will take anything better if needs be x

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