Hi posting here and thyroid forum iv been having b12 injections weekly the last one being in April I'm due next in July as per 3 month regime as per gp . Anyway in last week have been experiencing a strange feeling in my heart I'm so worried . Iv never felt this before . It's not pain so I assume palpitations has anyone experienced this and what can I do . Appointment with doctor next week x

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  • Btw my last result was 2000 up from 250 and 300

  • If you search 'palpitations' on here, I'm sure you will find that a lot suffer from the scary episodes of them, me included! Have you had your folate levels checked?

  • Yes they did b12 and folate a while bk but got no result I'm feeling very down with these also could it maybe be this x

  • What can I take for this Greenbexy is it ok to take something before testing x

  • Sorry my mobile is playing up. Had to edit. @clivealive is usually the first to pick up on this. I know that you need folic acid, B12 and iron to all work together. If you are low, this needs to be checked from your last blood results, you can buy it from most chemists and supermarkets.

    I suppose you should check that you are deficient really before starting to supplement, but it's not like the B12 injections (as in that you can buy it quite easily). The symptoms can be similar to being B12 deficient. 400ug would probably be sufficient, but eating more rich folate veg would also help. Hope this helps, but ask again if unsure.

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