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Just got new blood work. need help explaining

Just got new blood work. need help explaining

I just had some blood work done but had been supplementing prior for about 2 weeks. What had happened I had a dr. that did blood told me to take a supplement . I then changed drs. and he ordered blood and these are those results. I did stop for a week but I still think it messed with the test. Because of supplementing they dont think I am deficient. I have many symptoms neurological included. Any help explaining would be great. The only thing the neurologist said was I was low on ferritin and thats all he said I dont know what that means?

ferritin..........48.9 normal is 8.0 - 252.0

folate.............16.90 normal is 3.10 to17.50

vitamin b12.....455.0 normal is 193.0 to986.0

i will take a picture of the rest of the blood work it will take me forever to type. i type one finger haha, i will post but i have three pages of blood work will post in comments its only letting me post one. i dont know how to do all three any other way

i put 2 pics together and will add the other in comments...thank you all. i will post to facebook as well

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well i cant do a pic here. im slow at the puter stuff lol....the other test is methylmalonic acid

0.25....normal is ...0.00 to 0.40


Do you have blood tests from the first Dr, from before supplementing, that you can show Dr #2?

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Do you have a copy of the first blood results for the B12? If not you need to get a copy to see how low you were... The new test should not of been done if the doc knew you had recently stopped supplements, they need to be out of your system for at least 6 weeks.

I would not say you are not deficient now just because your level is within range . Many people are deficient and still show normal range. There Your mma isn't high but that too could be wrong because of supplements.

Taking more supplements at this stage would mean no further testing could be done to get your accurate levels so I'm not sure if it's a good idea, that is wether they would do another test so close to this last one...

Did they do the active B12 test (I think it's called Holocene test) on the first blood test? And the MMA and homocysteine?

I hope someone else will post more for you and provide more info on what you should do, I will be off line for a few days,

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i had changed drs. after my first told me people under 400 for b12 will not have symptoms . she told me she didnt believe it and it wasnt true. right on my lab slip it says people under 400 can have symptoms of deficiency and i showed her and she still said nope thats not right. i changed drs. at that point. he knew i was supplementing. when i changed drs. he tested me again and new i had supplemented. i said it may mess up the test , he said it would not. everyone said he shouldnt have tested at that point specially the mma. i have nuro symptoms bad. blurred vision, seeing floaters, tingling in hands and feet, burning feet, ringing in ears. i have shortness of breath that is the worst for me i have palpitations so bad i have a heart monitor on i cant concentrate i forget. i could go on and on. i dont think my new dr. knows a lot about this either but is willing to listen., more than my last dr. he said he would do injections after i see a hematologist so i agreed as long as it wasnt months to get in. my level before these test about 3 weeks prior maybe less was 286. no other test for that was done. i had to almost cry to get my prior dr. to test. she said i was ok on iron so no way i would have a b12 issue....i am copy and paste to each response as it takes me forever to type and my concentration is awful...thank you all


I hope the haematologist does help.. here is a link that might Is well worth reading

If you click on the links down the left hand side of that page it gives lots of info about B12 and has a page for perhaps writing a letter to your doc if you feel that may help.

I think it's VERY important to keep a journal of your symptoms, a little notebook you have with you always.. or one in the kitchen and one in you bag, write down all your symptoms no matter how trivial you think they may be. The more facts you can give the doctor the better. When you click on that link it may stress you a bit because there is a lot of information..but just remember to stay calm and try and go through each step. One of the links include what can cause B12 deficiency

Just curious did they do a test for Helicobacter pylori ? That's one of the causes of B12 def it's a parasite infection that decreases your B12 absorption,


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