24hr MMA Urine Test Restrictions

Hello there,

I've got to do a 24hr urine test to check my MMA levels which I ordered from Medichecks.

The leaflet included with the kit didn't mention any diet restrictions but I was just wondering if there's anything I shouldn't eat or drink before or whilst doing it. For example is alcohol or caffeine okay? And is it just B12 supplements I should avoid or should I avoid Vit. C, D etc.?

Many thanks.

2 Replies

  • don't think any other vitamins should affect the test and not aware of any diet restrictions that would apply - but really it would be best to contact Medichecks and check with them.

  • Ive had mma via blood tests before and wasn't advised to avoid anything in particular, but was told to leave a few weeks after taking antibiotics as they can lower the result...it was a private MMA test that finally enabled me to have injections...good luck :)

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