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Still tired a year after b12 treatment and 3 monthly injections.

hi I was wondering does anyone still get very tired with b12 defficiency even after having it for a year .i don't feel the same as before I had this horrible defficiency .

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Have you had your iron and Folate levels checked as these work together with B12 to make red blood cells and if you are deficient in one it may stop the others doing their job.

Are you getting B12 injections/supplememnts now?


I'm having injections doc said iron bit low but no need to act


Ask for a print of your blood tests and post them here. Doctor's ideas of 'normal' are sometimes misguided to put it politely.


ill try but my doctor is awful it was gastro doc when I was admitted to hospital diagnosed me with b12 I lost 2st in a year as I was so ill.


You are entitled to prints of your blood tests. Ask the receptionist, she may say she has to ask the GP. Tell her you will wait while she does.

I'm a right chicken when it comes to arguments but it worked for me.

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I'm assuming you had your loading doses then 1 every 3 months.

I don't think you're getting the right treatment and need much more than 1 in 3 months.

Depending on how low your B12 was for most people that is too less. You should also be taking Folic Acid and also Irion if it's on the low side.

I suggest you post your blood results here and you'll get good help.


my b12 was 110 I was in and out of hospital for a year


I inject every 2 weeks because in my 3rd week I start getting symptoms of low B12.

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hi ryaan I'm struggling at moment,I slept yesterday from 6pm till 9.30 am I'm so tired and my stomach is awful bloating etc.could u tell me where to buy b12 and what to ask for I feel I cant go on like this my brain fog is awful and my tips of fingers are numb.


You can buy from versandapo.de if you google it.

You can go to bottom of page to translate in to English, it's a German company.

Search B12 depo and you can buy B12 injections in packs of 10 or pack of 100.

They're not expensive, and there's a small cost for delivery and delivery is quick.

You have to make sure your Folic Acid and Iron levels are ok, also vit D.

It's best to get a blood test from your doctor to check your B12 levels and if anything else is low.


hi Ryan if I order b12 injections is that all I need thankyou.


In terms of injections only you will need syringes, needles, alcohol wipes and needle disposal bin for used needles.

Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Iron work together,

You said iron is low and gp said no action needed.

That's not right, They should give you tablets for iron depending on how low.

Hope this helps.

If you need to ask anything more I'm happy to help you.

Best to get blood result copies from gp and write here and you will get good advice from people who know better than me but if you need to ask me anything you're always welcome.


thankyou so much I will get results and post them.


Hi Kyanah, sorry to hear your still not feeling well. I have had 12 for really 6 years and is aways tired constantly. The last year I was having my injections every 7 weeks, now my doc said that I have to have it every 3 months because my levels are high. I am struggling to make the 3 months. It is effected my work and social life. I am having more blood tests done to find out if there is something else that is coursing my tiredness. Maybe you should have blood tests to investigate if there are other problems. Check your b12 again to see if your levels have gone up or not, this should be checked yearly. Hope you feel a lot better soon. Take care.


hi doc wont check my b12 again says its pointless I've had all bloods done said low iron but no need to act .im always constipated as well with this.


Hi Kyanah. How are you doing now? Are you feeling any better? I'm having similar symptoms to you


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