Update from USA Ozarks.....thanks PA - Again!

Update from USA Ozarks.....thanks PA - Again!

It has been a while sign I have read posts, I am an American and I have been distracted by our current political situation that you all may have heard about :( I just wanted to say that weekly injections since August 2016 have made a huge difference along with the bio-available B6 prescription mediation Foltanx (genetic for Metanx). I have a prescription for weekly injections for life. I am now able to read books again! I read a book called "When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection." The book did not address PA, but it did address MS. The book was a huge eye opener about stress and health. I am curious if anyone has read it? In summary, my neuropathy has decreased, I am exercising again and have far more energy. I am hoping that my white matter disease will show no worsting when I have an MRI in the fall. I got some pain relief last December with occupational therapy. My therapist used a method called "Total Motion Release". It changed my life on being able to use my right arm again. The crazy thing was I did exercised mostly with my left arm to improve! I cannot thank the PA society and this group enough for all there help and support. I continue to spread the word about B12 issues with anyone who I run across and we talk health. I am one of the three members in the St. Louis chapter. The three of us still all live far apart, so we have not yet gathered.

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  • Hello xyz 011

    It is good to know you are feeling better and that B12 injections are helping. So pleased you can enjoy reading again! Keep your spirits up.

    You are quite right about praising the forum whose members contribute so much so that we can all find a way forward, although at times with great difficulty and "battling" the medical professionals who refuse to learn, and start to feel better.

    Who are the author and publisher of the book "When my body says no"? It is quite true stress - long term - causes many serious health problems.

    With very best wishes to you.

  • The author is Gabor Mate, M.D. from Canada. The first two thirds are about various patients he had and the last third is about how to combat stress and disease. It will blow you mind. I now realize how much our emotional being is connected to our physical well being.

  • Thank you for the information. Indeed health is strongly linked to stress... Meditation/mindfulness can help in reducing stress levels, but one has to work at it.

    Good luck with your B12 awareness group.

  • Lovely to read your post! All my best wishes - for your country as well!

  • Thank You, I have been busy with the resistance and have not had a chance to post!

  • What great news ! Wishing you the very best for the future .

  • really good to hear your update.

  • I could not of done it without you all. My white matter disease progress quickly.

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