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Feeling Stressed

The last few months have been fairly hetic and have totally changed my life (in a very good way) but things are now starting too get on top of me. After finding out that my father died my daughter's father got back in touch with me as well. This was a great shock as for various and complex reasons I haven't had any contact with either of them for 5 years.

Having my daughter back in my life again is the best thing ever and I never want too lose contact with her again. Her dad and I have even starting seeing each other again and things are going well, they were until the half term hoilday.

He lost his job and is also having too fight is ex-wife in court as she wants my daughter!! She is aware of my health conditions and it's highly likely too use them against us in court.

All this added stress has left me needing too SI b12 more often just so I can keep going and stop myself from falling apart. Is this normal or is it just me? It is also causing even more issues with my sleep and I'm now having balance issues.

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Hi Penni my heart goes out to you for what you are going through at the moment and I believe that stress will "use up" B12 more quickly.

I think you will need to have your Folate level checked as this is essential to process the B12 you will be injecting.

I am not a medically qualified person but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice.

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It is perfectly normal - stress uses up B12 and other resources to the point it can make healthy people ill - so for us with B12 deficiency we really feel it. Make sure you give your body what it needs to feel as well as possible so that you don't get damage from the deficiencies and you are better able to cope with what life throws at you. If you need it you need it!

Don't worry too much about increasing the frequency of your jabs as there are some people who need 2 jabs a day.

Please remember that your body will need extra supporting supplements to make the extra B12 work properly - a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium and magnesium, maybe iron. I suggest you Google these to get an idea of what the deficiency and excess symptoms of them are so you can judge what you might need. Try to get them from your diet but be aware that you may need to take extra supplements too. You may also need to make sure you get a full range of amino acids from your diet too - e.g. I need to eat pork products most days and fish every few days to stay well.

Well done you for getting your life back so far. I may be wrong but I get a sense that you felt that you could get back some of the things you had pre deficiency and now they're available to you the symptoms are returning and you feel in danger of losing the chance. Don't worry - now you SI you are in control and can keep well, with management. Keep working on it and try to stay focused on the future to spur you on, while enjoying the good bits of now. Potassium and folate are vital in keeping anxiety at bay so especially make sure these levels don't drop.

In arguing the case for custody of your daughter, would it be worth saying that you had a health problem that is now reliably controlled with medication? Sometimes the fact that most people quickly dismiss a vitamin deficiency, seeing it as no problem, can be used to our advantage - "oh well, if that's 'all' it was and you've got it sorted now, there's no problem"!

Good luck and go for it!


I also find that I need/get through more B12 if I'm stressed so it certainly isn't unique to you.

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Yes, I've found getting stressed causes the B12 to be used up. And I also think prolonged stress over several years caused my B12 deficiency in the first place.

It is highly unlikely that your ex's ex-wife would get custody ( now called residency) of your daughter. It would depend on a) if she was awarded parental responsibility for the child. B) if she formally adopted your daughter c) The age of your daughter-- over the age of 11 ( I think it's 11, a solicitor would know for sure) your daughter's wishes would be taken into consideration. Your daughter might choose to keep,up contact with the ex wife but that is different to a residency order.

On an emotional level, the current situation is bound to involve very strong emotions don't go making any big decisions too quickly although I can see that a child back with her two natural parents gives the strongest possible message.

Good luck.


Sorry ---a) should read " if she was awarded parental responsibility for the child in the past"

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When my mother had a stroke at the end of last year I was extremely worried and very stressed I had daily injections up until 4 weeks ago

I now need 1 a week


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