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High Active B12 Result


Hi Everyone!

I was referred here by the Thyroid group for an odd Active B12 result. Long story short, the lab didn't say anything about stopping my supplements before the test and I came back with a high Active B12. The last time I took a supplement was 48 hours before. Upon reading on the Axis-Shield site, it says you should not take supplements before hand. I am hoping this is the reason my result was so high ,but any input or similar stories would be very much appreciated! They only tested for Active and not for the whole Serum.

Here is my original post:

Hi all,

Active b12 test question:

I just got an active b12 result of 234 and the range is 25-165. I've taken b12 supplements sporadically over the past few years. I had been off them but took a few days worth this week. It was a test I not been planning to take and I know now it might have been altered by the supplements. My question is, could it have been altered by that much? To me, the number seems alarmingly high. I'm a 29 year old with CBC,renal and liver panels all done a year ago and all within healthy ranges. No symptoms, just confused!

I also should add, I asked a GP who is part of my family and she said " Stop the supplements, just be happy your body absorbs B12 so well now!" Years ago my serum was SUPER low, so the fact that the Active B12 now is so high, is just confusing I would like to believe her but I have also read frightening things around the web!

Thank you all :)

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Doing a test only 48 hours after suppliment will 'skew the results'.

I took a seven day break and my active b-12 was still >256pmol/l (serum was 902pg/ml). It was 67.8 before I began supplimenting with sublingualb12 and I was plagued with symptoms. My pre suppliment serum b12 was 153pg.

I still have symptoms but they are easing and even more so since I've begun to correct D insufficiency too.

I'd only be truly concerned if my b12 was over range and I'd not supplemented for maybe six months.

People in the know all say go by the symptoms not the numbers.

High numbers really only mean something if you've not added b12.

Flowergirl29 in reply to Steap

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear this has happened to someone else! It just seemed so odd as I had only taken them from time to time. Over the last few months it definitely adds up though I guess!

I took the b12 supplements at least 2 nights last week and took the test Saturday morning so that for sure makes sense.

Thanks again!

You would have to be off all supplement for 4 months in order to get a correct(ish) result, that is how long it takes for blood to renew.

Look at your symptoms..if they are indicative for b12 deficiency then you would need to try to get a doctor to treat you, or send you for more tests. There is no gold seal test for it either and doctors should treat to the symptom, but they do not. I, without supplementing though, had a serum in range, an active serum in the grey area, but the MMA test showed a level 10 times higher than it should have been, indicating a severe functional b12 deficiency.

Look at the symptoms. Just because your blood level is high does not mean that your body is absorbing the b12 at all. If your serum was super low and you are still having symptoms then your body is not getting enough...especially if you were not treated correctly in the beginning.

Hi there

My b12 with no supps for 18 months is 6000 and active b12 660.

Yours is well below that so be assured it was due to taking supps and if active is that high you are unlikely to be deficient .

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