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NHS Choices and Healthunlocked

If, like me you have a GP who is cynical about advice received on Healthunlocked and regards it as a forum for cranks and quacks (or maybe hasn't even heard of it), you might find the following article useful (with a quote from an NHS manager!)

Paul Nuki, chief editor at NHS Choices, said: “HealthUnlocked is a fantastic platform, offering many benefits to healthcare as a whole. We often refer NHS Choices users to HealthUnlocked forums, fully confident they will receive first class peer-to-peer advice. It's all about expert patients sharing their knowledge and, in turn, creating a new generation of experts.”

The company said that before joining its community seven out of ten patients on HealthUnlocked had never spoken to another patient with the same condition before."

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Thanks for that seamail57. It's worth quoting to those doctors who scoff and scorn . But will they take heed? Doubtful, as they are so arrogant .,

But it makes us .as members feel better about ourselves !


this is the closest I have been able to find

but have asked on the administrators forum so may be they will come up with something more direct.

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Does Paul Nuki have any idea of how we struggle with gp's and how many si?


One of my doctors said it was run by people who are obsessed with B12.

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I'm sure you had a good giggle at that statement exhausted99, given that the majority of GPs / Endos know /care less about the devastating effects that undiagnosed Vit B12 def/PA can have.

That is just an opinion from him/ her not a fact.

J 😊


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