I finally got an appointment for next Friday !

Deciding I certainly needed to be more pro active about my health, I have rung my surgery every day to see if I could see a doctor and if there were any cancellations.

Hey Presto ! I have an appointment with another GP next Friday morning. Whether it's because they got fed up hearing my name every day on the end of the phone or they felt sorry for me - lol - I don't really care as I got what I wanted.

I also hand delivered a request to see my last test results plus a written confirmation that I do indeed have PA as told to me eight days ago over the phone when the GP rung me.

I was told the doctors needed to agree to this first and that it might take a week but I said that was okay. Hopefully I will receive them the same day I see the other doctor.

Whilst in town, waiting to meet my daughter, I popped into Boots the Chemist and asked to speak to the Pharmacist to ascertain what she thought of my practice's delay in offering me treatment.

To cut a very long story short, she suggested I write down ALL the symptoms I have had/still have and show them to the GP. She assured me that this would be more likely to prompt him into action !

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  • Roll on the day when pharmacists are allowed to get more involved in treatment, as is the case in other countries where B12 isn't just prescription only.

    Hope appointment with GP goes well and hope you were able to thrust the letter asking for your results at the receptions with a suitable degree of vehemence give the stupidity yesterday.

  • Here's here....

  • ha ha x

  • Don't forget to ask for your earlier thyroid test results on Friday - I know you have lots to think about :-)

  • "she suggested I write down ALL the symptoms I have had/still have"

    I ticked all my symptoms on the PAS Symptoms Checklist and added any that weren't on list.



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