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Bowel moment trouble, Internal piles?

I have been having trouble for a a good few years and seem to be getting worse.

I will feel the need to go but my stool is soft and in small pieces and quite sticky which makes it hard to clean up often causing to become sore. After finishing I always feel like I still need to and that I haven't fully evacuated my Bowles, also if my stools are stoft 8 times out of ten after moving/walking about I find myself itching, upon returning to the toilet to give myslelf and extra wipe I find that there's poo on the paper even though I jd previously cleaned fully. Amy diet is pretty good I don't eat chips anymore and eat real meat instead of processed. This is really starting to to me effect me and get me down, if anyone has any aswers I'd be most greatfullniv been looking through the internet and feel like I'm going around in circles.

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Braggs apple cidar vinegar 2 tbsp. DAILY with water and drink with a straw

before every meal

helps break down food and helps absorb vitamins from food may want to buy a over the counter cleanse that you take for a week, then eat more vegatables and less meat .....

stool softner pill help...

also taking magnesium pills before bed every night.....increase vitamin c daily we well

increased good fats and omega more protein like fish instead of red meat....

and make sure you are doing a little exercise what ever you are capable of...a kettle ball or walking or simple exercises .....movement is crucial at whatever pace you are

avoid processed foods and sugar....

drink lots of liquid.....

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This was my problem as well for years . Then I cut out gluten from my diet and started adding Chia seeds to a smoothie made with blackberries and coconut milk for breakfast . Result normal poo and everyday which is a bonus lol

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Was the removal of gluten from your diet recommended by a doctor, or did you try that approach based on the type of thing you read about on your own? I am wondering if any doctors are diagnosing these symptoms, or if we are left to our own devices to sort it all out. Thanks.


You don't say if you are male or female but if female, do you have a bowel prolapse, I do and this is what can happen with me. Also, I was on prescribed laxatives for years but recently gave up all red meat, eating mainly fish and some chicken, and i have been able to come off the laxatives.


I'm a male, and have a physically demanding job so exercise isn't a issue o eat alotbof chicken and not much red so can't see it being that :/ giving up gluten sounds hard its in everything isn't it?thanks for all your idea I will give all your suggestions a go and see what works... I have just been to see a doctor and he said I have a black log of stools and maybe a blockage in the colon and has prescribed laxatives for a full 2 week cleanse. From what I have read on other posts tho is that, laxatives are given out as a short term solution so I'm really sceptical. All I want is normal bowel movements lol


Try a tablespoon of linseeds & chia seeds a day, maybe one of each.

Add the seeds to kefir or a good yoghurt, & leave for a few hours to allow the seeds to absorb moisture. The probiotics will benefit your digestion.

Some people leave the seeds to soak in water or orange juice, overnight, then drink in the morning. I also tried just eating the seeds & adding them to muesli, as I like the taste, but make sure you drink a lot of fluid if you try it this way, ie, 200mls to every tablespoon.

I limit wheat as it plays havoc with my digestion, & try to eat a small seeded sourdough baguette once or twice a week.


Hi.. I noticed that you joined the PA society earlier this week so presumably you have PA or B12 deficiency. If so are you being treated by injections or taking oral supplements? Have you been tested for other autoimmune illnesses ie. coeliac, thyroid and do you have any other symptoms?

The more info you can give, will help others to respond effectively. I know from experience that internal haemorrhoids can inhibit bowel movement but also on the other side of the coin constipation can cause haemorrhoids, a bit like the chicken and the egg really.

There is a cream called anusol, also suppositories which is very useful for soothing and shrinking piles which may help. This can be prescribed by your GP or available over the counter.

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If it has been going on for two years, a blockage sounds unlikely. Have you had any bloods done?

Do you have bad flatulance after eating? Just wondering if there could be some malabsorption going on?

Any clear liquid discharge? Thinking about something irritating your bowel.

Any trouble gaining weight, do stools float? Maybe fat malabsorption?


Yes had blood tests done today just got to wait for the results,flatulence normally occurs in the morning and stools sometimes float but 95% of the time sink, I don't think there's clear liquid discharge either


Doesn't sound like a classic malabsorption or overgrowth of bacteria problem. I am out of my depth now, hopefully the advice from the others will help.


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