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Advice on injections

Have received hydroxy colabamin from Amazon de German am I ok to use it Wasdelivered very quickly ,site all in English, and already had an account with them ,so was easy to get hold of . Just need to know from others that it ok before use. Know instructions on here how to inject. Have been months deciding whether to or not, but think time has come. Have tried sub lingual ,patches etc, but nothing comes close to the relief in neck and knees .

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Hi May61. Other users have reported that this is a reputable supply source.

Good luck...and come back if you want any further advice or support on self-injection.



Same "advice" as I gave dandino100 a minute ago may61 Have a "stab" at it, it can do you no harm.

Have you checked your Folate level as this is essential to process the B12?

I know I have a nurse to inject me but after over 600 injections during the past 45 years I'm still "clivealive" at 75 and I wouldn't hesitate to do it myself if needs be.

I wish you well


Thanks Clive put my mind at rest


Amazon de only allow reputable German pharmacies on their site . You can have every confidence in the product . I have also used Amazon de source for B12 ampoules . Excellent . Get injecting to improve your health ! You will not regret it . Best of luck -It will soon become routine.


Yes thought it would be but you put my mind at rest


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