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Just a quick question re how long benefit of inj B12 lasts please

Hi all, brilliant forum.

I self injected B12 every other day for 10 doses. Completed Christmas Eve. Have felt core strength improve so mucn, could potter about not lie in chair.

Since Friday that has started to ebb. Am taking B2 B3 Zinc for skin especially and folate.

Can you please advise. Was my first course too short? Neuropathy in feet mostly healed. Brain function soo improved. Should I load more? Or should I inject once a month from now?

I know piece of string. We are all different but your confident best advice much better than my guess.

Also, I felt the benefit about two weeks in which continued to build until last week. No plateau I dont think.

Much obliged


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Fortunately Footygirl you cannot overdose on B12.

I'm not a medically qualified person and I'm only on a 3 weekly frequency but there are others on here who do self inject more often. Hopefully they can give you good advice.

I wish you well

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In order to remain symptom free I need to inject every two weeks, I started injecting when symptoms returned and then timed so I was catching it before they returned. That for me is every two weeks, my Gp knows I self inject and still gives me my 12 weekly one at the surgery ......

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Thanks thats very reassuring. Iwill get going before I drop any further

Thanks so much



people vary so much - you need to listen to your symptoms and respond to them - rather than looking to some average result which may or may not be right for you.

what works for one person will be totally different for another


I would suggest you inject as often as you need to and take plenty of supporting supplements to make it work.

Just to give you an idea I use 1.5 mg in 1 ml hydroxocobalamin daily and take a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron. I've been self injecting every day for 18 months and am slowly improving. I have seen posts from people who have injected every day for 38 and 45 years.

If your body needs it, it needs it! Better to give it what it needs than "starving it" and so damaging it and slowly dying!

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