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Washed out Literally

Getting out of bath yesterday morning ,Wham !! Drifting in and out of consciousness ,Husband managed to get me out ,and sit me on a chair (worst thing he could have done) Slurred speech sensitive to light Rang 111 paramedics ,arrived in few minutes ,did all checks ,In end took me to hospital,as there was 30 points difference in my left and right arm blood pressure

Over 2 hours to come round, altogether 5 hours to get back to normal .Apparently blood had pooled in legs cos sat , if I had fainted would have hit floor, and laid on floor ,bloods would have then pumped round body. Scarey Even.

The medic said she had done all her training ,but knew nowt about b12 deficiency ,advised me to go on google, print everything off, and take it with me (from the horses mouth)

Should have MRI results this week ,guess they are just goin to confirm sub acute demyalation of spinal cord Now we have to work on doc to treat symptoms adequately .Appointment Monday .Guess that means ,although not diagnosed, prob hav anaemia .I will be accompanied, and am goin to take a letter with me ,requesting in writing ,why he is denying me the relevant treatment, which I will produce if he denies it to me.Round and round we go .

Today back of head feels like it been kicked in back to square one .

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Virtual hugs to you. Must have been a scary experience. Glad to hear someone is going with you to your next appt.

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Thanks sleepybunny


Hi May61. So sorry to hear must have been really frightening for you and for your husband.

Can't believe your GP is still not treating you 😖.

Very good luck with your GP appointment on Monday (you sound well prepared 😀) and the upcoming MRI results.

Keeping everything crossed...let us know how you get on 👍


Think next step I'll be si if I get nowhere with him But I broke a barrier last time with him just need to knock the wall down now I know pernicious means killer but didn't think it meant drowning in the bath

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LOL...oh May61...what grit and determination...with humour go girl 👍👍😀


Sounds absolutely terrifing let me know what doctor says


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