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I've returned for advice

Firstly I want to thank everyone who has helped me with my previous posts and to say that I'm feeling sooo much better! That much better I now have enough energy and motivation to work 2 jobs.

There's just one thing that's still bothering me and that is my memory is still a bit hazey and I get easily confused however it has definately improved in the past 6 months and I was wondering if this is the norm when it comes to recovering from b12 deficiency?


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I find it difficult to tell if my memory's getting worse faster than would be expected by the natural aging process. My friends tell me that they have the same sorts of problems that I complain about (mainly not being able to remember names of things).

It's definitely a lot better than it was last year, when I went up to London to a place I'd been to 7 or 8 times before. I arrived at Victoria station, went to the tube and realised I had not the faintest Idea where I was going or how to get there. I'd forgotten my phone, so I couldn't check my diary. I wandered over to the tube map and started looking at station names. When I saw Holborn I thought that sounded right - so I went there. When I came out of the station I recognised the area and knew the way to the place I was going to.

What was most surprising was that I didn't seem at all worried by this.

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I'm not putting it down to old age as I'm only 23. As i said it has definately improved but at times i go blank, It's conversations really that are bugging me, I just can't seem to remember much detail about them.


Memory is a strange thing - not least because you tend to notice lapses when you are looking for them so it may just be that you are more aware and before would have just shrugged things off.


I normally shrug things off after all i can't remember every detail of everything. It's little things that have happened the day before and when someone says they mentioned it to me i can't remember that happening :/


yes, that doesn't really sound like its you being overly aware if it is other people telling you things - though have to say that all of us tend to remember different things. Hope you manage to catch someone out soon with something you said but they didn't remember ... which reminds me that I now need to go and find the DVDs I said I'd lend the friend I'm going out to see in a few minutes.


Me too haha before any of the symptoms happened I'd remember everything (even when i was drunk on a night out). I thought I'd ask here to see if it's usual for people who have had a deficiency to still have some recollection problems.


this morning I was helping with some scrub clearance locally - struggled to get the wellies on and then noticed that I hadn't put my waterproof trousers on. Doh! Fortunately I could manage to get them on without having to struggle out of the wellies and back in again but ...


Oh haha that does sound forgetful. I forget things at the till but i put it down to not working there very long.


Do you find some days are better than others?

Stress can do strange thinks to memory. Do your episodes of sever loss correspond to times of stress?

My wife quite often complains she just told me something, or we've already had that discussion. I forget the details in the moment but I do remember having had the discussion.

There are different mechanisms for memory in the brain. I'm of the opinion that long term memory gets a "parallel " feed from and does not flow "through" the short term memory.

I think that finding a coping mechanisms is the trick as the repair of the nerve damage is very slow. I hate people "just mentioning " something, and so I email myself a note on my cell phone for stuff that needs to get done. When I hear something, I'm absolutely certain that I'll remember it, but the memory just evaporates . The email triggers the long term memory and reminds me of the task.

I have also asked colleagues to email requests to me for the same reason.

I had tried to use a notebook but forgot to go back and look through it.


It's just conversations with people i find hard to remember even though i work 2 jobs im not stressed out, i do rush around a bit which distracts me but if I'm helping a customer i nearly always remember to go back to what i was doing.


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