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B12 2000 plus now without supps but previous Schiller test 18 years ago said no PA

I have posted this week to say I am a vegetarian who had low serum B12 18 years ago . I was referred to endo (over something else) who, I realised last night , after reading Mr Hoopers book, did the Schillers test on me with Radioactive B12 - the outcome was diet related B12. I had a few B12 injections 18 years ago and then I was left. In the last 6 years my B12 has been above 2000 without supps or injections and I am still a vegetarian who has been taking PPIs (omeprazole type) Is it possible I could have developed some form of PA? I have not been tested for MTHFR. I also have high folates - though you may expect this with a vegetarian diet. In blood tests a year ago the size of my RBC was just over the top of range. In addition to the usual loose stools, fatigue etc I have also recently noticed a numb patch on the top of my big toe. In the last two years my joints have seized up and despite being told 4 years ago post cartilage operation that I had no sign of osteo arthritis, I have now been told that is what I have. I am 48

I have just woken up after 12 hours sleep and could literally go back to bed again now.

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A lot can change in 18 years so quite possible that whilst you didn't have PA at the time you may have developed it since.

PPIs are used to treat high acidity. However, the symptoms of high acidity are largely the same as the symptoms of low stomach acidity in which case PPIs would not really help as they will just lower stomach acidity further - perpetuating problems. Low stomach acidity is going to impede the uptake of B12 so is likely to have contributed to your deficiency recurring.

PA is something that will also lead to lowered stomach acidity.


Hi Hedgehog1968 I think you mean the "Schilling" test but anyway if you were diagnosed with "diet related B12" deficiency 18 years ago and you are still vegetarian then it is very likely that you will still have "diet related B12 deficiency" unless you supplement especially with the added PPIs reducing your acidity level as Gambit62 explained.

Your b12 level of 2000+ may well have dropped during the last six years. Do you know what your Folate level is as this is essential to process the B12?

I'm not a medically qualified person but following a partial gastrectomy in 1959 I had two Schilling tests.

The first in 1968 proved negative but I think that the huge dose of B12 that was pumped into me lasted me four years and I believe it (accidentally) helped me get through an intensive Government sponsored registered disabled person's accountancy course at Princeton College, London in 1969/70.

When my health began to "nosedive" again in 1972 I was sent for an (unheard of) second Schilling test which proved positive for P.A. and the rest is history.

I use the word accidentally because although the first test was negative for P.A. the test itself started me on the correct treatment for the deficiency caused by the gastric surgery nine years before - by which time any "reserves" of B12 I might have had were pretty well gone and I was running on empty.

I wish you well.

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my b 12 is currently 2000+ and has been for the last 6 years


Dr going to check homocysteine levels - is that progress on serum b12 only ??


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