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IFA and anti-parietal cell antibodies testing I'm taking B12 shots will it affect result

Hi everyone and once again thank you for all the support I've been shown it's quite emotional!

So I saw a locum today when in to ask for a prescription. After asking me a couple of questions she has asked permission to send me for the above tests. She asked if anything be had mentioned them to me before?!!!

So I'm wondering if I'm injecting every other day so far 17 injections will this affect the result and if so where does that leave me. I'm printing stuff that you have all advised to take to MP this Friday who is making all the right noises about helping myself and the children. I am hopeful of making some moves in the right direction with that πŸ˜‚

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Hi Lizzie2. Oh that is such good news πŸ˜€. At last, someone who's listened to you. If a locus can do it, why not your GP. On Saturday I stomped around in anger on your behalf. Today I'm leaping and smiling πŸ˜€.

About the B12 injections prior to testing...think I recall someone saying stop for one week prior to tests (IF and PCA's)...but I've also read of some who carried on and it didn't affect the results. Sorry I can't be mor definite (slipping my mind at the moment) but hopefully someone else will comment later.

Incidentally, and while I'm here, don't know if you've seen it but there's information about juvenile PA on the PAS website (library section). Might be useful for you meeting with the MP on Friday.

And while you have the locum at the surgery, why not take the information along and get her to also test you son and daughter (make hay while the sun is shining)? She's obviously aware that it's what should be done (unlike your pretty useless GP). Oops, sorry....but it's true!

Really hope that things are going to get better for you all now that at least one person is listening.

Take care, let us know how it goes, and we're all here if you need anything.

Big hugs and happy leaps x


The following is an extract from the pinned post


Taking supplements that contain B12 will affect any tests ordered by your doctor to assess your B12 status. You should not take any supplement with B12 before having your B12 assessed (including MMA/homocysteine/Active B12). For testing intrinsic factor antibodies: keep one week between an injection and the test.


Thank you Foggyme and Gambit62 I'll leave a week between jabs and testing and I'll ask her tomorrow about the kids!! What was wrong with my brain? Why didn't I ask? In the words of Homer Simpson "DOH" perhaps he has PA too definitely the right sort of colour!! I have an old ID badge from a job and I've always said I could be Marge if I donned a blue wig!! Ok my lovelies onward and upwards! You're all so absolutely fabulous and I'm so lucky to have found this site πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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I forgot Foggyme when my GP gave me B12 my folate was 2.3 low right? I asked the locum today about this and did I need folate for B12 absorption (?) she said no you have to wait for B12 to be up before you gave a folate supplement. I'm confused?!!!! πŸ˜‚ Can you explain?!

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Hi Lizzie2. Hmm...don't know the reference range but that does sound low for folate.

You're right that folate and B12 work together. Your GP should treat the low B12 and low folate together.

Folate should not be given to treat low folate without treating the low B12 at the same time. Treating low folate alone, without treating the low B12 could mask a B12 deficiency and leave it untreated.

So...treat the low folate and the low B12 at the same time.

But at least she knows not to give folate and ignore a low B12 - and that's more than most!

Hope this makes sense.

Good luck,with the GP tomorrow.

And Marge is the last thing you are πŸ˜€

Take care x


There is some concern about spinal chord damage - the main risk is treating a folate deficiency without treating a B12 deficiency but there does seem to be some benefit in upping B12 first before starting folate - however as I understand it the time lag is at the most a day.


Thanks gambit. Noted πŸ‘

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What was wrong with my brain? Why didn't I ask?

Actually, you're probably better off asking in here. Up to thirty years ago the IFAB test was affected by high B12 and you'd have had to stop for more than a week to be sure there was no interference.

But a lot of docs were obviously taught by people and books that didn't know about the new tests that were introduced then.

The latest test claims no interference whatsoever, but there's no real way of telling which labs may be using that test, hence the advice to stop supplementing for a week.


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