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35/M Severe hair loss, memory loss, high B 12, weakness, without diagnosis please help!!!

The rheumatologist tried to tell me that I might have fibromyalgia . They prescribed Cymbalta, which I refused to take because I do not believe in treating symptoms without a formal diagnosis. I just went to gluten-free and non-GMO, I felt better for a couple of days, but things have gotten worse. My prostate is enlarged as well. My doctor had me take a Medrol pack two days prior to my blood work and I'm afraid that my bloodwork is an accurate because of it. If anyone has any ideas please help me! I was a heavy drinker for 15 years and smoked cigarettes as well.

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Hi, welcome to the group. Can you post any results you have please including the ranges. People will then be able to give advice more so then. Are you taking any supplements? I don't know what medal is and whether it would affect results, but others might.

I was looking through supplements last week and remember seeing a specific prostate support one - it was either Viridian or Biocare, might be worth taking a look?


As well as any test results, it would be good if you could list some of your other symptoms.

Being as you've posted in the PAS forum I'm guessing that you have some symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia. And that the gluten-free diet means you've been diagnosed with coeliacs disease.

Both of those can cause peripheral neuropathy which can be treated by Cymbalta. So it could be that your doctor is being sensible and treating a definite symptom before trying to get a formal diagnosis.


Alcohol, as you already know, wreaks havoc on the body (especially from inflammation of the gut) and depletes, amongst other nutrients, our vital B12.

I definitely think you're in the right track with a gluten free diet Elaurentz, as this is what Dr Kharrazian's recommends in his books, one of which is, "Why isn't My Brain Working", and the other on Hashimoto's thyroid disease (he considers this and fibromyalgia as two symptoms of autoimmune/leaky gut/brain issues). Put simply, Dr K works on the root cause - brain/gut axis.

I have read many books and articles on PA/B12 deficiency, but these two books, although not specifically on B12def. have impressed the most.

Take a look at this video on YouTube:


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