Many Thanks

Would like to thank you lovely people for help and advice given. Also to let you know that thanks to advice and print offs from this site my GP who tried to wriggle out of treating me due to levels rising to just over 200 i.e. 209 in the five weeks he made me wait for treatment when I have neurological symptoms including a numb toe for last six months to a year, tingling to tongue, lips and hands and a memory a goldfish would be ashamed of.

Pulled out the print off with the info you provided and he said okay he will treat me

So many thanks


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  • That's great to know.

    However, in the interests of goldfish I feel I should point out that the reports of their memories being bad have been greatly exagerated

  • Great news.

    In case of future problems...I'd suggest reading the summary fbirder compiled of b12 documents. Links to summary on Fbirder's profile page and in one of the pinned posts.

    It has lots of quotes that can come in useful when a doctor shows a lack of understanding of B12 deficiency. I take a copy of BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines with me to appts just in case it's needed.

    Some people on the forum have had their injections stopped after treatment started so well informed is well armed.

  • Thanks Sleepybunny

    I would fully agree with you as i told the GP what I had learned here ie he should have treated me immediately and not the usual 6 doses but enough that my symptoms would stop improving As these were NICE guidlines I checked with him before that the regs in Scotland were much the same first.

    He has prescribed 10 doses to start with and I am to see him two weeks after I start.

    I have purchased jarrows B complex to take along side the injections I think this is correct (Information read on here) and am keeping everything crossed that when I see nurse on Tuesday and get started it will makw a huge difference to how I feel :)

    Cannot thank you all enough

    Kind Regards


  • I also take a copy of fbirder's summary with me to appts.

  • Will look it out and print off for next time......I think my GP is worried what I will ask him next but to be fair he has done some research since my first appointment :)

  • Its always good to hear when someone gets one step forward.

    i just wish there werent at least twenty who seem to be in the unfortunate position of going one step back because of their gps lack of knowledge where b12 and all its complexities are concerned.

  • Wonderful heartening news, Maud04! And you deserve a round of applause for standing up to the doctor and standing your ground. :-)

    Well done & hope you feel fantastic very soon!

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