B12 shots where to get your own

Hi Does anyone know of a reliable company that sells b12 shots, had loading does last one Friday, feet and hands are tingling all ready

I have two diabetics at home so I know what to do with injections. Even said to nurse at the beginning of B12 injections, would it he'sbe easier if I did loading doses. As I had to wait four days for next one because of weekend. Well that didn't go down well.

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  • I've ordered mine from goldpharma.ca

    Syringes etc from medisave UK. Not arrived yet but both were dispatched next day so shouldn't be long.can get them from b12d but not sure how long theyd take to come as it's charity and rely on funds to purchase stock.

  • Wrong215

    Thanks for that,will look straight away and ordered

  • I get mine from versandapo.de.

    For more information on sourcing supplies you could look up my profile by double clicking on my name and see my post "My Experiences".

    Good luck!

  • Another one using versandapo pay using PayPal very easy. All the other kit from mycare.

  • Thanks going to have to order quickly, my GPs have already got the hump with me. Can just see their faces if I dared asked for one before my 3 months are up.

  • My supply from b12d arrived today.If you contact them by e mail and explain your symptoms etc Dr Chandy will email or ring you .

  • Put my order in last night will do that next time


  • I ordered from this site before. buyb12injection.com/

    Friendly, reliable, and have pharmacists answering my questions.

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