There's some left in the ampoule - is it ok?

I know, I know, another daft question but here goes. I have just done my third injection on my own (rather chuffed) and I've only just realised that once the 1ml insulin syringe is full there is still about 1/4 to 1/3 of the stuff left in the ampoule. Am I missing something? Which is the correct dose, the whole ampoule, in which case I'll have to re-inject with the rest of the stuff, or the syringe, because the ampoule says it has 1000mcg of hydroxy?

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  • How much is left? If it's just a little then I wouldn't worry about it. After all, 1000 ug is only recommended because it's a nice round number. In the olden days you'd probably have been given one-fiftieth of a grain (about 1300 ug).

  • It's a good third. I'm not getting the full s*dding dosing, am I?

  • You are doing so well S.

    The cabinet will be finished for Christmas if you keep going at this rate. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‰πŸ’‰

    J πŸ€

  • 😁😘

  • Are you using the 2ml ampoules that contain 1 mg Hydroxocobalamin ? I have used those in the past . You need a 2ml syringe for those . I think they are called Hevert . It's a shame to waste the precious stuff . Get some 2 ml syringes ! Ones called Rotexmedica are 1mg in 1 ml .,

  • So does that mean that in order to get the full 1mg, I need to use the whole ampoule?

  • You should always use the whole ampoule. Does it say on the box that it is 2ml with 1000mcg? Then you have to inject the whole 2ml to get the 1000mcg.

  • B**ger!

  • Which ones do you have?

  • Vitamin B12 Depot Hebert. Work stoff: Hydroxocobalaminacetat 1000mcg, 10 Ampullen. It says 1 Ampullen zu 2ml enthalt. I guess I've screwed-up, then. Just stupidly made presumptions on MLS and mgs. Sigh.

  • yep, they've got 1 in 2 so inject the whole thing.

  • Oh #@*"#)+@**!

  • ah well, never mind. Now you know. You absorb the most from the first 500 anyway :)

  • πŸ˜₯😫😣😦😱😡

  • Yes , you need to use the whole ampoule ! It seems that you are using a 1ml syringe with a fixed short needle . Can you get a 2 ml syringe with a fixed needle ? You can turn the ampoule upside down without any liquid escaping . I inject i.m. So do not have a fixed needle which come with the insulin syringes.

  • IM! AAAAAARGH! No! I'm going to have to use 2 bl***y syringes, because just injecting 1ml is a bit stingy, even though I do it really slowly. Oh god.

  • That's why the 2ml is really best for IM. It's a bit much for SC. I always injected Im (which is btw not more difficult than SC. I really didn't like SC) Also, if it stings, you make them room temp before injecting?

  • I had the ampoule in my bra for a couple of hours before injecting! I guess I just have tight fat! Thanks for your help and support, admin person. x

  • well SC stings more than IM so ;) You might try a little bit longer needle so it get's in deep SC, aybe less sting.

  • 😨 You said "longer needle"! Aaaaaargh! 😨

  • Btw, I'm so fat I'd probably need a 6inch needle for IM! The whole prospect freaks me out, tbh.

  • I am using the nhs 1mg Ampoules and I have a fair bit left after drawing up 1ml too πŸ™

  • As above, does it mean that you're not getting the full 1mg because the dose is contained in the whole amount rather than the 1ml we draw up?

  • Well my memory is not great these days but I am sure that a solution of 1mg in 1ml means that every 1ml of it contains 1mg. So reading the box and the ampoule which both say 1mg in 1ml, this does mean that 1ml drawn up will give the 1mg dose.

  • Yep! If I'd've engaged my brain I'd've realised that the blasted ampoules had 2mls for 2mg! I'll try not to beat myself up too much and just put it down to inexperience, rather than my being a numpty. Mind you, it didn't help that it was all in German. I think that a bit of information overload contributed as well. But thanks for your support. :)

  • As in, 2mls for 1mg.

  • Yes I find that there is a bit more than 1ml in NHS ampoules I use too.

  • Ditto as above?

  • Not entirely sure- if it says 1mg/ml then it should be 1mg in a 1 ml syringe I would think. Always thought it was odd there is a tiny bit over a ml though when it is drawn up.

  • You've b**gered it too, then?

  • Maybe because the 1ml syringes are actually 0.95ml? I have no idea about the SC things cause even when I tried SC I did it with a IM one, but can't you get 2ml SC ones and just put all in?

  • That sounds like a lot for fat - I don't really know. But I've got 100 x 1ml syringes. Sigh.

  • ah well, then just prepare two and put them both in next to eachother.

  • Sigh x 2 πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‘

  • I SI SC 1ml and find if it is stinging I am going too fast and stop for a moment and then inject more slowly.

    In order not to waste what you have why not try drawing up 2 x 1ml, injecting 1 there and then and keeping the other one cool (not cold) and dark and using 12 hours later. Currently I am trialling 2 x 1/2 ml injections daily to try and maximise what is available to my body and not get cast out so quickly by my kidneys.

    I have to manually infuse by SC an immune replacement therapy weekly. It involves inserting 2 needles with tube attached into tummy and attaching 4 x 10ml syringes (1 at a time) and slowly injecting 20ml in total into each site. This leaves me with 2 pink, hard areas which I find always disperse in 2 to 3 hours, it was really scary at first, but am OK with it now, so with this knowledge I really wouldn't worry about injecting 2ml, just go slowly!

    Good luck.

  • Good Lord - despite being a bit blasΓ© about it I think you are very brave. I've absorbed what you've advised and I'm going to have a go. The 12 hour thing makes sense to me now that admin (no pun intended) has advised that the most active dose is the first 500 MLS! Thanks so much for your help.

  • Before you panic too much about the dose, why don't you just see how you go on with 1ml? Its infinitely more than you were getting last week, and may be enough.

    In a couple of weeks when you are more comfortable with the whole process you can go up to two ml, or buy some more syringes and save those for when you get 1ml ampoules.

  • That gives me some reassurance, thank you. The thing is that I've only got 20 ampoules, so I really want to try and maximise the benefits. I think I'm going to have a go at splitting the dose like Heavens suggested, but I am grateful for your reassurance. πŸ™‚

  • Ha! It's easy for me to say. The chances of my injecting anything voluntarily are less than zero! Needles! Ugh! You are so brave!

  • Never say never! 😁 x

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