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What is it with B12 & health professionals?

Having crashed again before I could get my self injection regime in place, I'm needing (a lot) extra to get me going again.

I couldn't get my full prescription yesterday from the chemists (they didn't have any in the morning and only had 1 ampoule in stock later) and today the pharmacist didn't want to give me the other 9 I had already paid for, telling me I didn't need it for 3 months!!!

The currently psychologically distorted part of me wants to invent a serum that gives people who don't care/help a dose of the symptoms for a week!!

Lucky for them I'll just go to sleep instead!


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Like the idea of having some way of getting medics to experience first hand exactly what being deficient was like - think it would stop a lot of the nonsense.

Hope you did manage to get the other ampoules despite the alarming attitude of the chemist - if it happens again ask them why they are being obstructive and if they trot out some nonsense about toxicity then tell them to look up the treatment for cyanide poisoning.

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Hi Gambit!

Thank you for your reply - it was good to wake up to, now my dose is starting to work!

Half in tears and barely able to talk (standard B12d stuff) I DID manage to extract my ampoules - I was pretty desperate to get my hands on them!

I know I apologised for not answering his questions and have told the pharmacist "I will be back" when I'm feeling well again to teach him about B12! I don't think I was rude so I think he will listen when I am coherent again.

I wish I didn't crash sooo badly and wish it didn't take so much to pick me up again. I'm probably the most optimistic person but even I'm questioning why I keep getting increasingly worse when I don't get my treatment immediately I need it.

Hopefully this is a past issue now that I can self inject but I'm also aware that I wouldn't have any chance of recovery this time if I was seeing nurses like a few weeks ago. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as it is!

The most likely reason for my B12d is an autoimmune problem that started in my early teens, coupled with genetics of Saxon origin, so I guess that it's just flaring up again, probably triggered by some very stressful life situations over the last couple of years. When I'm better again (! :-) !) I will find out more about Functional B12d as that is a plausible explanation of my situation.

Thank you again, Denise


HI Denise,

As much as I am sorry you are having them, I like when people are blunt about their symptoms, it makes me feel like mine should be taken seriously too! I am pretty certain I crash pretty hard. My doctor said it is anxiety, and not neurological, that my hands shake and go numb and weak before my next shot. He's not too concerned with the extent of my neuropathy. I'm trying to get my head around functional deficiency too.

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One problem with obtaining B12 now is that it is the current health fad injections for Spas. They are charging up $300 a shot. They have people believing it's a great weight loss secret. That's why the price of B12 is almost 10 times what it used to be and so hard to get. I was robbed and they took 15 vials of my B12. It's not a controlled substance so no big deal to the police. Yet for me it's a death sentence. One overlooked way of getting some b12 is the 2 oz b12 energy drinks you can buy.

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Hello! Thank you for your enlightening reply.

I'm very sorry to hear you were robbed - that's just too horrible, especially on top of everything else.

Thankfully it's not that well known in the UK but I have heard of it being used by celebrities in London.

Mostly here it's just ignorance but I'm learning a lot about the psyche of many people, including some of those working in the British health industry. There is a frequent lack of will to help people: there's a weird controlling attitude without true listening - a blinkered false arrogance from the people who theoretically have signed up to a career of helping others in need.

The odd thing is it serves no-one! Very curious!

I hope you are still available to get sensibly priced B12 supplies and you are always safe in future. Your reply was truly eye opening and a timely caution to us all.

Best wishes, Denise.


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