toe spasms

Does anyone know why I get spasms in my toes like muscle spasms ,they cross over and stay there for a while , I supplement methyl folate 1600 mcg a day, plenty coconut water , Bplex vitamins all the Bs" and spatone twice weekly ? its driving me mad !!

inject hydroxo every other day for now 8 mnths x after having dementia symptoms 9 mnths ago and near SADC ,was prescribed 4mnth every other day by neuro,then he stopped them as didn't believe I was deteriorating after 5 day ,sleeping 16 hrs a day but as soon as I injected again by day 4 I was fine again |? xx

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  • lcunliffegizmo123,

    I used to get cramp in my calves followed by toes crossing over and going into cramps. So painful, I had to stamp on the toes with my heel to flatten them. I found adding 1/4 tsp salt to a glass of water 2-3 times a day for a few days stopped the cramps and curling toes.

  • Really ! Salt , must admit I don't take salt at all really xx

  • lcunliffegizmo123,

    Me neither, and that was causing the trouble particularly in hot weather.

  • Hi I wonder if your potassium levels are down, eat bananas and avocados every day, keep your fluid levels up, especially if the weather has been hot, salt in small amounts in the diet are needed and check your magnesium levels

  • wow looks like I need to implement salt somewhere thankyou xx

  • Would it need to be lo-sodium salt Clutter so as not to raise blood pressure?

  • Clivealive,

    Ordinary table salt for me, I don't have high bp.

  • Hi,Can i ask if you had memory problems.If so did the hyroxo help and improve your situation. Thanks in advance.xx

  • Hi Kay ,yes I did have quite severe memory problems like dementia and some SADC ,but am fine now after 8 mnths every other day injections of hydro xxx

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