I feel like I'm losing the battle every day - I wake up sooo positive and then wham feel awful - legs are now so weak I can hardly shuffle - the stairs are becoming increasingly difficult - my mood is very low and I have never ever been depressed in my life - I just want to lie in my bed and do nothing!!! My new b12 sublingual solar nuggets have just arrived so taken one of those and have an injection this aft - how much longer will this go on??????? So desperate cud just sob

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  • How long have you been injecting?

    I'm just shy of 3 month's of daily injections and I've now had 10 days in a row of my legs not feeling like jelly and minimal pain too. Hopefully I've turned a corner but these are often the timescales you have to take into account when recovering.

  • I'm only on 3 injections a week as that's all dr will do and only started that last week. Also take 1 b12 sublingual, berrocca and b12 boost spray

  • Pain and weakness in joints are classified as neurological symptoms I believe-and these can take a little while to recover from on a solid treatment plan.

    Whilst taking high levels of B12 it's a good idea to ensure everything else is balanced-a good vitamin B complex and perhaps a little extra folate and potassium (from food)...and even iron as B12 uses all of these as it sets to work.

  • Is Berocca a good b complex to take?

  • I'm not sure what it contains and in what quantity. You need: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6 and folate/folic acid at least. I agree with the comment below-it might be worth switching to a good B-complex supplement to make sure this is covered and all is in balanced quantities with any extra ingredients to aid absorption.

    Thorne Basic is highly recommended if you can afford it. If not brands such as Solgar produce B-complex supplements.

  • I order all my supps from iHerb, lots cheaper :) In Europe most supps are highly overpriced.

  • I'm sorry you feel so bad, but I'm afraid I can't say anything else than wait. It takes time to recover, especially if the deficiency has been there for a long time. It took 15 injections (3 a week) for me to even feel something, and that was only minor.

    The Solgar is the methyl? Then try those in stead of the spray. I don't know the berrocca, if it's any good (maybe someone else?) bit you could try switching to a high quality B-complex (IMHO the best one is Thorne Basic B-complex) Symptoms can increase in the first couple of weeks, that's 'normal' so try not too worry too much. And read also all the answers you got to your other posts, lots of tips and info as well in there. Take care!

  • Many thanks - all helps and makes me feel not so alone

    I am so amazed that a simple vitamin deficiency can do so much harm and that this test is constantly overlooked by doctors if I had not self diagnosed I'd be an even worse state than I am now

  • I know...nothing simple about a B12 deficiency. So many systems in the body depend on it. It's a shame (understatement) that is takes so long to be considered by many doctors as a cause of symptoms.

  • One what? B-complex? Thorne Basic B-complex. Nothing in there except B-vitamins.

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