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Problems since injections

Hi . Since SI I have had the following problems. Period after 7 months of not having one. Urgency to evacuate my bowels ( I was diagnosed with IBs a few years ago) but seems to be a lot worse at the moment. Also my hemmroids have flared up and very painful.

I had my loading doses and have been SI every other day since for 2 weeks . I also need to mention it am feeling so much better with regards to fatigue foggy etc. Am i overdoing the injections, or will it all settled down? Sorry about to much information!

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Personally I wouldn't worry about the period - presume you are going through the menopause and a few irregularities is to be expected. On the other hand low B12 can lead to a false menopause so it cold be that reversing. Unless the period is abnormal eg overly heavy just note it.

Sorry to hear about the IBS and the hemorrhoids. Not aware of anything that says these would be directly linked to overdoing B12 - in fact B vitamins seem to be recommended for treating hemorrhoids.

One thing that may be going on is things getting worse before they get better. There are links between IBS and low B12 but the exact mechanism isn't clear - possible that it is something to do with the autonomic system - the part of the nervous system that deals with those things that we do without thinking or semi-consciously. B12 is important in maintaining nerve cells so if you are deficient nerve signals don't get through properly - once you start to get enough B12 the damage starts to reverse and there can be a period of adjustment where the brain over-reacts to signals that start coming through much stronger than they have been. Possible that the hemorrhoids could be related to the IBS re-emerging. Have you spoken to your GP about the hemorrhoids?

Good that you are feeling a lot better in terms of the fog and fatigue.

You might want to look at your folate levels and supplement that if you aren't doing it already as the body needs folate to use B12 and folate can become depleted quite quickly when you start being treated and are using a lot of B12 to repair damage done whilst you were deficient.

At the end of the day it's probably best to be open minded as it is quite possible that there is more than just B12 going on


omg... This site is the site that keeps giving! I actually had my piles operated on xmas 2014... Wow that really really hurt... I had no idea b12 had a link... It makes me wonder how long I've had it and how simple screening would have helped in so many issues I have had!! Good luck with si hun x


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