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Gastroenterology appointment approaching, is there anything in particular I need to remember to ask please?

Thanks again for all of the great advice and support to get this far. My appointment is early this week and am just wondering if there's anything in particular i need to ask about please?

I've got a brief! ( tried to condense the main points of 17 yrs :) History together and my active b12 test/ MMA results. Have read about possible causes to ask about, and just hoping for some help as opposed to the battles I've had to get this diagnosed!

Thanks again...:)

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Hi Jo, can you tell me what your actual symptoms were. I have had gastro reflux for years and it is getting worse. It affects my chest, which is always sore and my throat. It comes from the middle part of my body and I have pain. Would like to know a little about this, thank you,



hello Maggie/Jo

I presume you are going to see a gastroenterologist because of gastric symptoms which is exactly the route I took and how I found out I had PA. I also have bad reflux and a lot of pain but not everyone here seems to suffer like this. I manage it with diet. I avoid dairy, grains, tomatoes, fruit alcohol and basically anything that makes it flare up. I understand that the lack of stomache acid causes dysbiosis which in turn causes GERD. I'd love to try digestive enzymes but as I tolerate so little I'm afraid it will mean days of pain. As for questions I think the specialist will be asking you! Be ready with a potted history of your symptoms and background. Good luck.


Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your reply. I will be going to Drs again to get it sorted out.

Maggie x


Hi maggie7, sorry for the slow reply. Was exhausted after appointment on Monday, not that I had to do anything in particulars! I didn't get referred for any specific symptoms, it was because I was diagnosed with the b12 def via St Thomas. I was discussing being allowed more loading dose injections , to no avail, so my dr decided to Refer me to gasterenterology. I do have some pain behind lower left rib and have a diagnosis of IBS from a colonoscopy years ago, dairy intolerance, low SIGa and past candida issues, and most of the usual b12 symptoms!

I didn't really find the apptment overly helpful for b12 in some respects, wasn't offered any blood tests, intrinsic factor, parietal cell test, etc. Just had a to do a stool test to check inflammation and suggested an endoscopy to rule out ulcers, etc. Am not feeling well enough to manage that at the mo, so am concentrating on improving with the b12 and sorting out a potential thyroid prob have just found during a private test...

Sorry to hear of your symptoms. Have you asked for a referral to Gasterenterology? Do you have b12 problems?

Take :)


Hi Jo, sorry you have not had anything sorted and you are not well. I have IPF and can't have anything done at the moment as I am going into Brompton for a Bronchoscopy. I have so much going on at the moment so it does get me down. Hopefully, I will know more after Monday!!

Thank you, and take care, Maggie 😀


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