Feel so ill

Hi since about two weeks ago I had chest infection a week after iv had pain in my breast and a lot in my shoulder blade which is going worse ,last night I started vomiting and since then I'm on bed but feel so flu like,everyone says it's through anxiety like I'm labeled .my symptoms refer to a lot of illnesses but no one still checks for them ta x


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  • What treatment are you receiving for the chest infection? Have your blood oxygen levels been checked?

    Anti-biotics won't help with a viral infection but they would be needed for a bacterial infection.

    I find it is quite common for me to have pain in my shoulder/upper back and niggles in my chest if I have a viral infection.

    Not really sure what is going on with the vomiting. Have you been taking plenty of fluids? Have you mentioned this to the doctor

  • I was on 500mg amoxollin the pain started about third day ov taking them I saw out of hours doc my doc said a few days after it was clear . I'm in the process of going back to my childhood surgery who I was with till about six yrs ago wen I moved .hopefully they'll know more about my condition and they do the online service for ur medical records x

  • hope that you do manage to make the move and that it helps

  • Hello Leigh6873, do get this additional pain checked out, preferably with a chest X-ray. My husband was found to have pneumonia from a visit to A&E. He'd gone with severe shoulder pain, thinking he'd got physical damage to his shoulder. He was kept in for two days on intravenous antibiotics. Any symptoms like yours should be checked by a doctor, especially as you've had a chest infection.

    Best wishes MariLiz

  • Have you had an xray? pleurisy can give a lot of pain. Best to get rechecked by a doctor.

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