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Help at last, a Psychiatrist who listened and backing me to get treatment

After years of PA, GP's who give that sad look with eyes that roll when I say I want help, sending copies to Consultants and GP's of links for PA & B12, being tested and Brain Scan for Dementia, all the awfull symptoms and being so very ill ... Last December, 2015 I saw a locum Psychiatrist for Dementia, having been recommended to him by my Gastroenerologist. My Gastro Consultant knows a tiny bit about PA/B12 and Dementia and sent me for the brain scan prior to the locum. The scan showed I did not have Dementia of course. I had the Occupational Therapy here to see about a shower being put in for me, she had been diagnosed with PA herself and was a wealth of information. Together with reading this site information, in particular the B12 diagnosis symptoms and mis diagnosis etc., I recognised so very much in myself. I have arthritis, an operation due in my knee and the Consultant thought originally that my knees were responsible for my falls. The Locum Pyschiatrist came to see me last week, having had one of my letters and copies of information from the B12 site that I asked him to research prior to the appointment. He was here no more than 10 minutes, in which he told me that he would be writing a very strong letter to my GP telling him I had to see the Neurologist and Haematologist, all the problems I had been experiencing were down to PA/B12, worsening over time. He was not going to see me again as I did not have Dementia but in the meantime I had his full support and he would back me all the way until I had received the treatment (injections every other day) I needed. He thanked me for all the information I had sent, he obviously had really looked through it all, and had been very interested in the information regarding misdiagnosis. I burst into tears and gave him a big, blubbing hug and said "you are the first person who has listened to me", blub, sniffle, tears, blub, poor chap. He then went off very cheerfully, despite his by now damp shoulders and lapels on his suit, but saying again "don't forget you have my full support and backing on this, no need to worry anymore". What a marvellous surprise, it shows there are some Doctors out there who do bother to investigate, after 10 years of gradually getting worse, many "sad" looks that I could see meant "such a shame the woman is totally mad", giving copies of anything I could to every form of Doctor I had the remotest contact with. So keep on and on pushing, this site is full of a great wealth of knowledge and the forums full of sympathetic sufferers who share their experiences. I will see what happens next with my GP when he gets the letter from the locum, perhaps he will just be glad to get me off his hands! It is terrible that despite so many of us having this condition, petitions to try and get noticed, this disease continues to flourish whilst being ignored at all levels. Short of the Prime Minister being diagnosed we just have to keep making a noise to be heard. Chin up everyone, we'll get there.

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I can't begin to tell you how delighted I am to read you post. You've obviously been through a very rough time and I can imagine, all too well, what finding a supportive doctors means to you. Someone to believe you. Someone to fight for you. Someone to make sure you get the treatment you need.

Oh joy.

But not a story we read often enough, so your success means a little hope for us all.

Please post again and let us know how it goes. Very best of luck X


I wouldn't hold my breath on PM making a lot of difference - Margaret Thatcher used to have B12 shots when she was in power and that was a time when the length for maintenance shots was actually lengthened. Don't know if she actually had a B12 absorption problem but ...

Good though that the psychiatrist listtened. B12 is usually now part of the blood screening for dementia so it may be that all the information was particularly useful to him in understanding why it is part of the screening.

Hope the shots do the trick

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Margaret Thatcher had B12 just like many many athletes and media stars do (Simon Cowell et al) to give them extra anergy. We could all do this if we had the wherewithal !


Re the The Locum Pyschiatrist Marcieb as the Everly Brothers sang (changing the sex)

What's his name, what's his number, and how can I meet him? :D

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What great news. I can understand getting tearful...all I ever wanted in a medic was someone who believed me. I think Martyn Hooper of the PAS would be interested in your story and probably the person who runs the B12 deficiency Info website.


pernicious-anaemia-society.... 01656 769 717

B12 Deficiency Info

I'm interested in that it was a psychiatrist who was so helpful. I think some branches of the medical profession are more open to info about b12 deficiency than others. I sometimes think the route to diagnosis of b12 deficiency may be through dentists (can spot ulcers/sore tongue etc), opticians (can spot deterioration in optic nerve), podiatrists (can spot symptoms of neuropathy) as well as gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, haematologists and GPs.

Links to posts on Martyn hooper's blog


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