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Can't Apply for PIP (DLA) Must Be Attendance Allowance Because I'm too old. Anyone Applied for Attendance Allowance in UK


Just wondered if anyone has applied for attendance allowance; in place of PIP (DLA) because of age; over 65. ?? I'm in the process of filling in the form. Help and advise appreciated.

I'm really suffering with my osteo arthritis, it's present in both hips; my knees and ankles. I also suffer with advanced spondylitis. Also have B12D Pernicious anaemia . Mobility is my problem; and some days I cannot walk more than a few steps.

The attendance allowance form is laborious and repetitive in it's requests for information.

I'd prefer to write an Essa on how disabling this is.

Anyone else filled out the Attendance allowance form? Only applies to UK residents..

Thanks in advance for any replies..


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Don't fill it in yourself!! These forms are designed to trip you up and for most people it does just that. My advice would be the same for ANYONE applying for ANY welfare benefit these days. GO TO THE CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU as they are specially trained to fill these wretched things in. Sorry to shout but i am trying to make sure everybody hears me! LOL! I believe they are even able to make home visits. Paint the picture as if the day you have it filled in is the average WORST day.

Good Luck, I hope your application is successful because too many people are struggling to succeed against a bunch of nasty, spiteful, demonizing mp's almost all of whom have a private income and don't ever have to worry about paying the next heating bill


Well said Stevie,

Great advice,

Good luck Nytsom.



Thanks Shevie,

I've already began filling in the application form; and I'm on the last couple of pages; where you write about yourself ! It asks >

"please tell us anything else you think we should know about the difficulty you have or the help you need"

It's number 44, a full A4 page then again on number 50, It's a repetitive question form.



Hi Nytsom,

Apologies if you've already submitted your application. just a thought for the future - it may be worth subscribing to the "Benefits and Work" website - which gives advice and tips re: claiming benefits.

I subscribe just to receive the emails from: campaign@benefitsandwork.co.uk. You COULD pay £15 p.a. to subscribe to get FULL access, though the regular emails give updates about those Cos. contracted to DWP plus some responses from members of the public with what's worked for their claims to be successful.


I'll try the : Benefits and Work website.



I think you should fill this form in yourself. I did one for my dad and it was very successful. He got the top rate. The advice I would give you is to keep repeating yourself where it asks you to and describe in detail why you need help. For example I had to say in his own words that he needed taking to the toilet. But also why, describing how he couldn't see what he was doing or how much the bathroom needed cleaning afterwards. By all means get professional help if you want to but remember that it will sound impersonal and you will have to describe everything in detail to that third party. Good luck with it!


Your correct! I'm filling the form myself; but some advise from those who have filled one previously is always helpful.

My problems are mobility; mainly : Walking, getting up from a chair, or off the loo, getting in or out of the car is very difficult. Trying to pick up something from the floor is almost impossible; and sleeping has become problematic; in as much as finding a pain free position. Getting dressed is difficult especially putting socks on. But, I have no mental issues; and do not need someone to remind me to do things. Basically I have a painful mobility problem; and it's become progressive at an alarming rate.


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