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Mould allergy

For years my symptoms have improved when I'm away from home. Not miraculously but I definitely feel more well when I'm away for a few days. One thing that has been confusing me is that when I am away I sleep through the night, maybe getting up to go to the loo once in the night. At home I get up six times a night needing the loo. I've just been away in our caravan for three nights and by the last night I was sleeping right through. I have a mould allergy and my house is quite mouldy because I can't afford to put the heating on. Today I googled mould allergy and B12 and it seems that having a mould allergy can affect your B12 levels. It makes sense as I have a very varied and good diet. We live on a smallholding so our meat is really high quality and organic so I was never able to work out why my B12 was so low. Does anyone else have any experience of a mould allergy affecting their B12 or having an improvement in symptoms when away from home?

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Wow! How bizarre I'm reading this, at this particular time at least. First of all, I wish you the best in whatever treatment roads you get on, and I hope they work and your body can adjust, or you find a way, for yourself, where you are able to continue your lifestyle.

I say this because a good friend of 32 years has just been diagnosed with a mold allergy, we are in the US. She has another 5 or 6 other major issues going on and the doctors are clueless. She's very overwhelmed, confused, scared, etc. Because of the nature of what mold can become. The dangerous varieties can begin or influence mood disorders, serious respiratory issues, so many issues, in fact, they are too many to put in here. Mold is also systemically toxic and to the point of death.

They are up in the air with diagnosis'of Lupus, Fibromyalgia, bacterial blood infection within her spinal cord (that one is a definite), and more. She's showing somewhere around 30+ symptoms, this is what's causing all the confusion I believe. Doctors today I equate to mechanics. Older mechanics can diagnose the problem, come up with a solution and repair the vehicle. New mechanics are nothing more than "part replacers". They get a code off the computer, that code hopefully contains all the bad parts needing repair or replacement. Sometimes nothing is detected and the problem becomes worse and worse over time. She is currently married to a podiatrist, quite handy when it comes to promoting state of the art products, but leaves his wife on the sofa for 7 days, with a 104° fever, bitten up by bedbugs??? And her body popping off allergies to EVERYTHING, literally. Because now they believe it had moved into the Autoimmune Deficiency area, where so many new problems are being found. They're are, or were, going through a divorce at the time, but still, no excuse to treat any woman, anyone, that way.

I realize this is long, but I wanted to get across the point that mold can be a deadly prospect for some people. It takes years to figure it out, has an extremely vast array of signs and symptoms, and I believe that is growing, worst of all, it has the potential to be deadly. Keep on top of it. And try to find alternate measures to get it OUT of your living environment. I can promise you, if you get into this situation I just wrote about, you'd look back and realize you'd have done way more. Any little thing, is a huge thing when it pertains to mold. As I have my own doctor past, I believe it may become, if it's not already and we just don't know, a preventable tragedy, with epidemic potential.

I'm so much of a B12 advocate, I'd say, find the things you may not be able to use it to treat, for yourself personally. Because then you'll know you can always add in high dose B12 to help you along in whatever troubles you may face in the future. Good luck and good health to you :) If you can access Netflix through a friends account or something, I highly recommend and documentary named "Food Matters". It's got all sorts of good info on foods and vitamins and extremely high dose vitamin examples and very, very educational.


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