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Hemoglobin query B12/ IBS

My 19 year old daughter was taken into hospital today with abdominal pain she also had pain in her shoulders and ribs . Her blood pressure dropped to 85/54 pulse went upto 123 very weak she has IBS symptoms but hasn't been diagnosed . Her hemoglobin was 123 ref ( 115-160) was told her blood tests were all ok but not got copy's yet they thought ginny then appendix then said they would do scan of pelvic area tomorrow. Please advise.

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Hi Kellogs,

So sorry to hear your daughter is in hospital. I'm not knowledgeable about gynae issues.

From my own experience I feel that B12 deficiency can affect menstruation. After I started to supplement myself, my periods became lighter.

I've read that Autoimmune Atrophic Gastritis can be associated with PA (Pernicious Anaemia)

Has your daughter ever had an endoscopy?

Has she ever had a test for h pylori or coeliac disease?

I hope she finds some relief from her symptoms soon.


Sleepybunny Thankyou will know more tomorrow about cyst and the cause hopefully


From the drop in blood pressure and the fast heart beat the immediate problem is a bleed of some sort. Yes B12 can cause heavy periods but what we are talking here is an exceptionally heavy bleed. If it is internal then that needs to be dealt with and sounds like that is what they are looking for.

I'd put B12 on the back-burner for a while and make sure they sort out the immediate bleed.


Does she have PCOS? I'm wondering if she's had previous issues is it possible that she's had a ruptured cyst? I've had them before and they cause the type of pain that you detailed in your post. I've never had one that caused severe bleeding, only horrible pain. I hope you get some answers quickly and she feels better.


NjMommy the scan showed a ruptured cyst and until Dr's have been round which is probably tomorrow don't know what will happen her B/P is still low 85/76 and still in pain. I don't know much about this so just about to look up some info.


It sounded like that's what it could be. I'm sorry she's in so much pain. although I've had ruptured and the pain associated, I never had issues with low BP and much bleeding. I hope her situation resolves with no surgical intervention necessary. Good luck!!


Hi Kellogs - just wondering if the scan showed anything and if the bleed has been resolved.


Gambits62 just got back from hospital the scan shows a ruptured cyst on her overy she's still in pain and blood pressure was 85/76. I asked the nurse what the procedure was now and we have to wait for Dr's rounds in the morn. Just hope she's ok till then.


Glad they found the source of the bleed and hope that everything does get sorted quickly tomorrow. Frustrating that it all seems to move so slowly though.


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