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Don't know what to do with myself

Into my third week of a wretched cold affecting my sinuses and my chest. Constant headache, no energy at all and have to drag myself around. I just want to sleep, only I can't. I look after my grandson who is just under 3 years old 3 days a week but he and his mum live with me so no break really. I do supplement with Jarrows methylcobalomin and have a sublingual spray too. Am seriously considering self injecting now but wondering what would be the best form for me.. hydroxo or methyl bearing in mind the dreadful burning in my feet and aching hands. Trial and error I guess but I'm thinking methyl because of the peripheral neuropathy. Just wondering what others would recommend?

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People vary so much - what works for one person doesn't work for another.

Personally I find a mixture of hydroxo and methyl works for me - but I have a large range of symtpoms and they seem to work better with different sents - for me methyl is better for neuropathy in my feet ... but some find hydroxo is better for them with neuro ... and some even find that cyano works best for them

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It really is a case of suck it and see! I use hydroxo on one day, methylk the next and the changes have been remarkable


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